Episode #052: The Most Boring Skill (and how it turns you into a superhuman).

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In today’s episode, Ben walks you through a simple (but extremely overlooked) skill that can absolutely transform your life if you master it. Not only will mastering it cause you be more confident, but it will also help you to achieve any of the things that you’re already after at a higher level.

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  • I’m had an interesting experience. During the first 10 minutes of the broadcast found myself “bored” but you kept asking us to “hang in there” so I did. Then around the 11-minute mark you used a basketball analogy. That’s when the lights came on for me.
    The value of daily routines, disciplines and habits got elevated from “familiar concepts” to “pay attention concepts.”
    I had not connected the dots between my creativity and daily maintenance activites. Thanks, Dr. Ben

    • Glad you stuck around for the punchline buddy 🙂

      It’s not a glamorous skill to pickup but it pays big once you nail it down (I had to learn the hard way).