#011 The “10% Rule” that every Entrepreneur Must Understand.

Do you ever feel like you’re putting in a ton of work, but you’re just not getting the results that you want? On this episode, Ben tells you about how he deals with the feelings of inadequacy and failure that come with being an entrepreneur.

Do you ever feel like you’re putting in a ton of work, but you’re just not getting the results that you want? On this episode, Ben tells you about how he deals with the feelings of inadequacy and failure that come with being an entrepreneur.

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Do you ever feel like you’re putting in a ton of work, but you’re just not getting the results that you want? On this episode, Ben tells you about how he deals with the feelings of inadequacy and failure that come with being an entrepreneur.

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So the greatest frustration I think all of us have is when we’re growing our businesses, when we’re trying to really get ourselves out there to get to the next level, to break through that line. You know, lives may be a little easier. And we don’t have to work so hard to bring in the income that we need to survive and to be our own bosses. You know, we get to that point to where we’re frustrated because we’re not getting the feedback that we need.

I don’t this is anything that’s gonna take me a long time to explain, but this is something that I realized that is extremely important to me. Maybe you’ve not realized it yet, and so you’re constantly frustrated. I’ve been helping people for a long time, both back in my chiropractic office, but also as an online teacher, someone that’s teaching people how to grow their own businesses online.

You know, I’m not immune. Just because we’ve had a lot of success, I’m not immune to needing feedback. I’m not immune to needing people to tell me, either good or bad, what they think of what we’re doing. For a long time, even when things really started happening for my business online, it was something that I never felt like I was getting the feedback that other people out there were getting.

For a long time I was just like what am I doing wrong? Then I really started getting into having a few years behind me doing this, and a lot of things started to become very apparent. I want to share with you a little wisdom of being an online entrepreneur for a few years, that maybe will help you sort of keep your head about you when things just aren’t going as well.

It’s something I call “The 10% Rule.” When I was teaching stuff early on, of course we’d have people come in and tell us this was great. “It helped us, and I really appreciate you putting this out,” or we’d have some people say, “Hey, I need to know more because this wasn’t as complete as I needed it to be.” That was helpful, too. But what I started to figure out was of all the people that are out there, only about 10% of the people that are consuming the things that you put out on social media, or you put out in a course, or you put out on a blog, YouTube, whatever it is, only about 10% of those people, if that, are going to let you know if it was good or bad.

That can be frustrating because why in the world would we put out a podcast? Why would we write a blog post? Why would we go through the effort of putting a video, or putting a course? Why would we put ourselves out there like that if we weren’t getting some sort of feedback that we were doing something that was helping people or making people laugh, or whatever? That was tough on me for a while. Several years, even though we were getting feedback, I didn’t feel like for the people that were opening our emails … because I could look at the stats, the people that were visiting our website, I was like why aren’t these people saying anything?

I thought maybe I was doing something wrong for a long time. What I started to figure out is, as I got a few years behind me, as I said, I started getting things from people that said, “Hey, three years ago I bought this product from you. No lie, it changed my life. I’ve completely changed my trajectory, I’ve completely changed my focus, and things are so much better because of this thing you did.”

The first time that happened to me it was really weird. I was like, well why didn’t you say something then, you know? It would have been nice to know when it first happened to you. It’s been two years since the changeover. You’re like what happened? Then it started happening more and more, and what I started to really figure out was most of the stuff that you get in front of people that is going to do something to the way their brain works, the way the chemistry in their brain is interacting and causing them to move or change, they’re not going to feel like they need to tell you that at the time, because most of the time when it happens, when you do make a change in someone, they don’t know yet that that was a catalyst.

They don’t know that this was a big change. You know, they could listen to something … you could listen to this podcast right now, and this could start you on a path. But, when it first starts you on the path, you would know … you could be sitting here right now thinking, okay yeah. I’m going to start trying to do something. But maybe you’ve tried stuff in the past, but this is the thing that actually got you there.

For months, you probably wouldn’t know that this was the thing. You wouldn’t know it was the thing until you really thought about what started you down that path that this was the thing that started it. So what I really started to understand, and what I hope you’ll understand in your business and everything that you’re trying to do, if you’re trying to help people, you’re trying to help people grow, you’re trying to help people laugh a little bit, to look at life at a little bit of a different way, which is what we try to do here, I hope you understand that you’re only going to get about 10% of the feedback of all the people that are consuming what you do, and the people that you’re affecting.

You’ve got to be okay with that because you have to understand if you’re only getting about 10% of the feedback for the people that you’re helping, you’ve got about 90% of the people out there that you’ve absolutely made some sort of impact on. They’re just not telling you. You’ve got to understand, they don’t think that you need to hear it. Most people don’t understand that. Most people don’t understand, especially something that seems to have it all figured out, that they need to hear that.

If you’re having a bad day, if you’ve put something out there that’s just not getting the traction that you thought it would, and you thought it was really great, then you have to really understand. Maybe number one, not enough people have seen it yet. But number two, maybe you’re only getting 10% of what’s actually happening. And that’s the truth. You only typically get about 10% of the feedback, and you only know of about 10% of the people that you are impacting in this world.

Once you wrap your mind around that, and you get okay with it, and you start to understand that there’s 90% … another 90% out there that you are absolutely changing the trajectory of their life from this point forward, and you understand that you’re never going to hear about it, you’ll never know about it, but you are causing a ripple effect. If you’re okay with that, and you can really be okay with that, it’s going to carry you through because trust me, whatever it is that you’re doing right now, whatever business you happen to have, three years down the road, five years down the road, 20 years down the road, you’re going to hear from somebody and they’re going to tell you you said something, you did something, “You helped me, and things would have never been the same.”

Or, you may never hear about it. But, you did impact them. As long as you’re reaching out, as long as you’re doing things to really change the world around you, to teach people things, to help people to cope with the world, trust me. People see it. People see it. Just understand you’re only going to see about 10% of the feedback on that, but that’s okay. All right, super short episode today, but I thought was an important concept for us to wrap our minds around.

If you’ve not understood that yet, it’s something that took me a while. Hopefully I can save you some time trying to learn it for yourself. If you enjoyed the episode today, do me a favor and click subscribe. That’s going to notify you every time we have a new episode come out, and listen. I’ve got a lot of good stuff coming for you. So, pass that. If there’s something specific that you liked about this episode, or any of the episodes, do me a favor and leave a review and let me know what you thought.

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Okay, so I enjoyed this one. I hope you enjoyed this one. I hope you’re having a great day and a great week. I’ll see you on the next one.

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    • I wouldn’t say I’ve got it all together… lol… But I def have put some hours in and have learned some things 🙂

      Thanks for the Comment Brian! Looking forward to chatting more with you.