#009 How to beat “Perfectionism” for fun and Profit.

The problem with trying to get everything perfect is that it usually keeps you from finding out what your business is really about. We spend so much time trying to make our products look and feel perfect, that we end up not putting out enough content and product to really dial in who we really are.

Episode #008 The “Math Problem” that changed my Business (and Life).

What if you could put $1 into a machine and predictably get $2 to come out. Wouldn’t you do it over and over again? On this episode, Ben walks you through how he figured out the “math” behind doing just that.

Episode #007 The Million Dollar Webinar (How it Happened)

Webinars allow you to sell your products to lots of people at the same time. In this episode, Ben walks you through his webinar promotion process and the webinar strategy he used to make a million dollars in sales in just 7 days.

Episode #006 How to Avoid Micro-Distractions and Get Things Done.

Do you ever feel like you lose half of your day to a bunch of tiny distractions? In business, micro-distractions are equal to death by 1000 cuts. In this episode, Ben walks you through how he beats them.

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