S2E8: Going Big with your Content and Facebook Ads

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Every week you have been creating content that leads to your optin page that then leads to your product. But you are not seeing much traction in the number of people who are seeing your content in the first place. Today’s episode is going to walk you through how to light a fire under everything you have been doing by using the power of Facebook Ads.

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So you’ve been following along the entire time as we’ve been giving you this blueprinted season two of the Serial Progress Seeker Podcast. We’ve been giving you this blueprint of how to be famous in your market, what you have to put in place, the math behind it, and how you need to put together content to do that. But also how to get the people on an email list so that you can contact them and the what’s your core product all about. We’ve been really laying it out step-by-step, but now let’s light a fire underneath it.

You’re putting out all this content that leads to the opt-in, that leads to the product. You’re putting it all out. Every single week you got something new that’s coming out. You’ve got all the pieces that come out to support it because you’re following our trickle down setup. Now, how do you really light a fire underneath it? Well, we’re gonna talk about how you do it with Facebook ads. So, I’m excited. I think you’re really going to dig this and this is going to be the cherry on top that powers this engine that we’re putting together. All right, let’s dive in. Let’s do it.

All right, so every week, every single week we’ve been learning how to put out a simple video or a piece of audio, something that is sort of a cornerstone piece of content for your business. In these videos, you’re teaching people how to do stuff and the stuff you’re teaching is just what your audience is really into and what they want to know, and so this is the kind of content that’s going to put you in expert status mode in their heads. That’s good because once you start teaching people, and really transferring your knowledge to them, that’s when they want more of you, that’s when they want more things.

Think about it. You don’t go and buy a book from an author and absolutely love it and then not go to see if they’ve got any other books. It just doesn’t happen. You don’t go watch a video and think that video was amazing and learn something from it, and not look for more videos from that author. This is how you get inside of people’s heads. This is how you can very ethically get them to love you and to buy everything that you put out. But how do you light a fire underneath so that it goes faster? Because this process before you start to really gain traction can take some time. It can be a little while before you hit that video that people just want to share with everybody. It an take a while before you really get your feet underneath you.

How do you speed this process up? Well, my thing is this, if you are going in … The first time we cut videos with a client, the first time that we cut videos on a schedule and we’re putting together content with the specific purpose of teaching a lot of people and to bring them closer to us, we didn’t know what we were doing. I think this is the thing. Most people when they first do this, they may have an idea of what their brand is and what they’re suppose to do, but they’re not really gonna know. You don’t know until you’re actually doing it.

So here’s the thing, I hope this is a little bit of fun for everybody too and it makes you relaxed a little bit with this whole process ’cause it can be stressful putting out content and wondering what people are gonna think. But the thing is, is you gotta be okay when you first start putting this stuff out to thinking you’re not gonna nail it the first time. Out of 52 videos that we did the first time, 5-10 actually connected, but those 5-10 taught us what people were really into. But here’s the thing, if it had just been those 5-10, we wouldn’t have really known if we’d not put the video in front of anybody because we didn’t have an audience when we first started. So, the thing is, is you want to start getting them out there.

Now here’s my advice to you. Every single week, let’s say that you were following my advice and you were trying to cut 30-50 videos so you could put out a video a week, 52 if you want to put out a video a week. Let’s say you took a week, and you got in, and you busted out and got through 53 videos. Nothing complicated, just 52 topics that you want to teach folks. I even gave you the kind of topics that you need to be covering if you podcast back, but that’s … you get those done. Then you got to start putting them out there once a week and nobody’s looking.

So what you need to do is you need to start thinking about, okay, how do I get advertising dollars behind this and what we like to do and you can do this in a lot of different ways. You can go spend money on YouTube, you can spend money on Facebook, you can do a lot of different things to put ads behind your stuff. What we like to do is we like to start with Facebook and the reason is is because Facebook’s targeting is extremely good. The things that Facebook knows about your audience is pretty amazing. So, what you can do very easily is you can go in and say, you know what, I am trying to get in front of single moms who are 35 years old, who live in Delaware, and you can absolutely do that. It’s to that level of specificity, you can absolutely do that.

And so, what we do is we will set are video up and we wills schedule our videos out a few months at a time because we’ve done them all at once. Once we get them edited, we’ll start scheduling them in on Facebook to go live once a week and we’ll put ad money behind it. The idea is you want to find in this ad setup, you want to find an audience of people that already likes something like what you’re doing.

For instance, if I’m getting into the mode of, I’m trying to get in front of people that love online marketing, I’m thinking, who are the celebrities in online marketing; who are the magazines that cover it so like the publications, the media that cover online marketing; who are the universities that support it? There’s not a lot there, but who are the establishments that are already in place and then just about every place that you go, there’s already some sort of establishment that you can sort of leverage here.

For instance, some big names in the online marketing space are guys like Russell Brunson and Gary Vaynerchuk, Frank Kern. These are the titans in the industry that have worked their butts off over the years to really get up there, and so they’ve paved the way. We all thank those people for paving the way and teaching us cool stuff, but also, they’ve got presences on these networks, especially Facebook, that you can go target. So I could say, my video is very online marketing-based and I’m trying to reach the online marketing market.

Now, just to be 100% upfront with you, I’m not. I’m not necessarily trying to hit the people with my stuff that already are into online marketing. I’m more trying to hit professionals, so doctors, lawyers that realize the need for digital marketing but maybe aren’t that savvy yet; so, that’s a big market of mine. When I’m doing that I may go after certain law schools. I may go after and target certain industry publications to get in front of those people. So I can say, if this person likes this industry publication that’s who I’m gonna go after. If I’m going back to my online marketing, if this person like Frank Kern, I think they would like my video and that’s basically what you’re doing with Facebook.

So if you go to Facebook.com/ads or business.Facebook.com/ads, you can get into and start running through these various targeting options. It’s gonna walk you through how to build an ad and it’s easy to get intimidated by Facebook ads. Even if you’ve run Facebook ads before, it’s easy to get intimidated because it changes all the time. But the idea is, you’re putting together videos, people are gonna be interested in your videos or your audio, whatever you’re doing. But if you put it on Facebook and then you want to put it in front of the audience that they’re already looking for something out there that you know your audience looks for. Then you want to put your video in front of them and this is what happens every single time.

I get on Facebook, we target the group that we’re after, we put the topics in front of them; and low and behold, we start releasing videos, we start putting it in front of the audience, and something comes out of that data. You want to pay attention to the data. Something comes out of the data that I just didn’t think. We’ll have one video out of 10 that absolutely explodes, meaning it gets shared like crazy. It gets a ton of comments, it gets a ton of likes and I didn’t expect that particular topic to be the one that people gravitated towards. This is gonna happen to you. It’s gonna happen to anybody, any brand that you build when you get into it even if you know the whole business and the whole market pretty well, it’s still going to surprise you at times.

So what happens is is that we put that out there, and typically … just to be 100% transparent here, typically when we first put a video out, I’m putting $100 bucks behind it for seven days, nothing over the top. We’re not spending a fortune on this, $100 bucks, seven days. I typically don’t even go into the backend of Facebook to do it. Typically I will post it on the page or my staff will. We’ll post it on the page and then we will boost it for $100 bucks right there. Now years ago, boosting was frowned upon is it didn’t work as well regular ads, that’s not the case anymore. You can literally boost something up plus I don’t have to go the ad editor. I can get the initial data.

Now, here’s what happens. We boost this thing, it gets a lot of likes, it gets a lot of comments, a lot of shares. We take the videos that are doing the best and we continue to put money behind them as time goes on, but you don’t necessarily know which contents going to do that until you start putting the content our there. That’s a big key is you gotta get it out there, you gotta put it in front of people, and let them tell you what is big.

Now, this is where it starts to get a little more advanced. We boosted initially. After that boost, I’d look at the videos over time that have done well. If they’ve done well, meaning they got a lot of engagement. I’ll go into the ad editor and I will then put a evergreen ad behind it. So first ad is a boosted post on that video. We do that for about $100 bucks for seven day, we see what happens. Then after that if it does well, we’ll go in and we will, from the ad editor, basically put that same audience or similar audiences, sometimes lookalike audiences, once we get a little farther down the road … not sometimes, all the time. But we’ll go in and we’ll put an evergreen ad behind that. So $10, $20 bucks a day, just something so we know we get it in front of people.

Now here’s what’s interesting. Once we have that data down and we’re doing the evergreen ad to the video, we have and we’ve pretty much been doing this from the start, sometimes I don’t get it done. Just full transparency again, sometimes I don’t get it done with that first boost. But when we put these things into the larger market of evergreen ads because they’re doing well, that’s when I’m gonna turn on retargeting. Okay, now what I’m doing with retargeting is, I am setting up a custom audience. So for everybody that watches at least 50% of the video, at least 50% of the video they’ve watched, meaning they’re pretty engaged in the video. Inside of Facebook, I can say, people that watch this video, 50% of it, I want them to go into a custom audience. From that custom audience, that’s who we start showing our sales pages and opt-in pages to.

We covered those in the last few episodes, six and seven of this. We covered, okay, how do you build that, what’s your core product? We don’t show that stuff. We just don’t run ads to the stuff we’re selling. We run ads to our content videos, but if someone’s really into a content video then we’ll run a sales page in front them, but only because they watched so much of a video. That’s how we know, but by the time someone gets to the video and they see my ugly mug in the video, they start to bond. So by the time they get all the way to sales page and they see my ugly mug on that page, whether it be a video based sales page or I’ve just got my face on it, they’re gonna know who I am before they even get to the page, that’s key.

Most people out there just try to take you to a sales page and it’s pretty poor conversion. The reason it’s poor conversion is ’cause they don’t know who you are, they don’t trust you. There’s no like and trust there, yet. So what I can do is, I can say, Facebook, we put a little ad behind you at first to get you in front of people, but if the people that watch this and were really into it, if they watch this much of it, I want to show them our products too. Because I think at that point, we’re sitting in a good place.

All right, so that’s the ballgame. I know you gotta have questions about all this process, how it all works. Feel free to fire them my way. If you’ve dug this series that we did and this was a weird sort of thing that we did. I don’t see a lot of people doing this in business podcasts. But we wanted to have a nice layout of how you can go through, get famous, and how you can leverage that fame in your market into sales, and that’s what the last eight episodes have been about. So if you’ve dug this, please let me know. Leave us a review on iTunes, leave us a review on whatever platform you happen to be listening to. We’re in a lot of different places. I want to know what you thought of this and if this is something that you’re implementing in your business.

If you have questions, feel free to reach out to me a serialprogressseeker.com. You can find me there. You can contact me there. Oh, you can get show notes from all of this good stuff there as well. All right, so I hope you dug it. If so, hit that subscribe button. I’ve got more stuff coming. Just because we close the season down here, doesn’t mean there’s gonna be any gap in the content. We’ve got more stuff coming to you very soon and I think you’re absolutely gonna dig it.

All right, so that’s it for this series. I hope you enjoyed season two of the Serial Progress Seeker. I got season three coming next week. There’s gonna be no delay. We’re not gonna have any delays anymore because we’ve got so much good stuff to teach you and to show you if you’re the kind of person that is good at something but wants to leverage it into more money and wants to have more time and freedom in their life. So, yeah, big breath, big exhale. We made it through. I hope you dug it. Get out there, start doing this. Reach out to me if you need any help. All right, I’ll see you next week on the next episode of the Serial Progress Seeker.

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  1. Its like you read my mind! You seem to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you can do with some pics to drive the message home a little bit, but instead of that, this is fantastic blog. A fantastic read. I’ll certainly be back.

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