S2E7: Do You Really Have a Unique Product?

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If you already have a product to sell that is unique to your business and you want to get out in front of more people, or if your product is having a hard time standing out, this in an episode that is going to change the way you run your business. .

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So, the odds are good that if you’re listening to this particular season of the Serial Progress Secret Podcast that you’ve already got a product to sell. You’ve already got a something that is unique to your business, and you want to get out in front of more people but if for some reason you don’t, or you feel like your product is having trouble standing out, this is an episode that is absolutely going to change the way you run your business and what this whole getting famous thing is all bout.

In this episode we’re going to talk about your core product, your flagship product and how this is the thing where we start actually making money with this fame that we’re building online. So, I’m excited this is going to be a big one. Let’s dive in. Let’s do it.

I want to start this episode out in kind of a weird way and what I mean by that is I think a lot of people have a tough time really understanding their core product or their flagship product and the reason is because they’ve never been given this training before. So, what are the number one things that I did right in several of my businesses early on that I didn’t even really realize I was doing early on is I always had a product that was unique. I’ve always had a product that really stands out and is really something you can only purchase from me and when I said I was starting out in a weird way, I want you to think about something. Maybe you’re listening to this right now, and you are in a network marketing business or what we would call a multi level marketing business and that means that you bought into a company, and you are someone that makes money not only by selling the product, but you also make money by trying to bring other people into the business.

Maybe you’re sort of struggling right now with that, and you don’t understand why and even if you’re not in one of those businesses if you listen to this example I think it’s going to be a big deal. The number one reason people struggle in those businesses after they sort of exhaust their early friend group, and their family si because they don’t sell anything unique and what I mean by that is none of the ideas are unique, none of the sales pitches are unique. The products not unique and I don’t mean that the product isn’t great, that’s not what I’m saying at all because a lot of these companies, they have really great products. What I’m saying is pretty simple. It’s what distinguished you, a consultant for this company from every other consultant selling the exact same product in the company and this is where things get really interesting.

Most people that are in these network marketing businesses don’t have anything unique. It’s hard for them to stand out because they don’t stand out. When we consult with these people because I have a few people that we actually consult with that do this, it’s what can we create that makes your business different that no one else can offer and that sort of fits into this whole thing that we’re doing is we’re building unique content and so for some of those businesses what we’ve done is we’ve just built a digital instruction manual, or a digital class that when someone signs up with them, they get that and that’s the unique piece of the whole puzzle.

Getting back out of MLM, network marketing mode, I want you to sort of think about this. What about the product that you sell is unique because back when I was a chiropractor for instance, and I did that full-time, I adjusted the spine, and we sold healthcare and feeling better, you actually getting out of pain but what made me different than the other person. At first, it was very hard because it starts off almost as a commodity because they do an adjustment, they do an adjustment. It is what it is but over time we started building out something that you couldn’t get anywhere else, and we really focused on what I did differently than everyone else, and it was sort of unconventional at times and this goes back into niching into your audience and being really good at that.

What I want you to think about is this. What’s your core product? What is it? Let’s say that I’m putting out a product, and I have this product actually. I have a product that is out that teaches people how to build a webinar. If you want to sell with webinars online you could go buy a product from me that teaches you exactly how I do webinars, exactly how we’ve done millions in dollars in sales, and you could go buy that. That’s a product that’s for sale right now from me, but the problem is there’s a lot of people out there that do pretty well with webinars, and I would say I’m in the top of the list of people who have done webinars over the years but there’s some really great people out there who do webinars. So, when I get into selling that product and being real serious about it, I have to really think about what distinguishes me form these other people.

One of the ways that I’ve distinguished myself in the past is we have this webinar class that we do, and the real core pitch behind it is the million dollar webinar. How we made a million dollars with the webinar promotion in seven days and that’s something that for a lot of people out there, even those that have done webinars, they’ve never done those kinds of sales and even if they have done those kinds of sales, they don’t really live behind that core distinction. That’s one way that we start out doing it.

The other way that we start out getting to that is how to do webinars if you’re this kind of person. So, if you’re a fitness junkie, if you’re a gym owner, if you are … You get into the audience, so it’s specifically aimed at them and that’s another way that we could go out and distinguish this. Your core product is the thing that you want to sell. Remember the last episode we talked about you want to build this list and every time you put out a new video, you put out a podcast, whatever, it’s supposed to have a path that leads back to building this path, or it leads to a product, but you’ve got to have that product and that product has to fit into your brand.

One of the big things that you have to decide is at the end of the day, what’s the one thing that you want to sell. What do you really want to sell people, and I don’t mean the product, I mean the result. What’s the thing that you really want to get across to people, and my big thing is I love teaching people that are highly skilled already. I don’t like people that are just trying to fake it til you make it. I love teaching people that are doctorate level in whatever they do. Now, whether you officially have a doctorate on you are name that’s not what I mean. I mean has studied the crap out of something and know it front end and back. That’s who I love. I love people that are highly skilled but don’t have the megaphone yet. They don’t quite know how to sell this thing that they’re really good at and to help people from all over the world.

My big thing that I really get behind, I’m being extremely forthcoming and extremely behind the scenes with all this stuff, but I’m really big on people that are really skilled, but they’re working too many hours right now, and they want to have more free time to travel the world and experience life, the whole from a backpack thing. That’s key for me because that’s what I wanted in my life when I was in the chiropractic office. I loved that gig. I was highly skilled at it. I was good at it. People came from all over to see me, but I was always stuck in an office, and I wasn’t getting to see my family friends and do all the things I wanted to do. So, it was important to me that when I put a product together, I am building this product for people that are highly skilled already, but they don’t quite have the means to have the life that they want. They’ve got the skills, they probably got the money, but they don’t have the time that they want.

The branding that we put behind things, and the core outcome that we’re really selling people fits that. That’s the big thing is you want to really think about what is the very end result and just to be real honest with you about our whole funnel and not that we’re not always honest, but I don’t feel like sometimes when I’m listening to other people that they don’t give the full story. Not that they’re trying to hold it back. They just don’t think about it. The number one thing that I sell is a consulting package and with that consulting package, we build some things for our clients, but we also do a lot of consulting and what this really is, is of this whole fame thing that we talk about, we do this for people that don’t have time to do it and that cost anywhere from $50,000.00 one time to all the way up to a million dollars for bigger companies that we do it for depending on the quality of the videos if we have to call in a film crew and if we have to call in other help but anywhere from $50,000.00 to a million dollars is what we charge to come in a build this vehicle that I’ve been teaching you about throughout this podcast. That’s my core product.

I want to provide that for people that want more time. Maybe they’ve got the skills. We can put them on camera, but they don’t know how to put everything together the way that we know how to do it. That’s my core product. The other thing that you gotta think about is that’s my core product but there’s gotta be other products that lead there because I have to expose myself to people in a way that gets them to that point. We have a book that surrounds that product. It’s a book that you can buy for seven bucks and get in. Seven to $20 bucks you buy this book depending on where you buy it from by the way, but you get this book, and it’s going to teach you how to do some of those things yourself but if you don’t want to do those things yourself, we get into our actual product that we run and that’s what our agency does.

That’s the thing. I want you to really think about this, and you’re allowed to get paid whatever you think you should gt paid as long as the market will allow it but what is your core product. Not the thing you think you can sell. What’s the thing you actually want to sell to the audience that we’ve been talking about through this entire thing. If you’re going to put in the work to put out these videos in front of people and the audio and to put out all this content. If you’re going to have them come closer by opting into your list like we talked about at the last episode, what it is that you actually want to sell these folks? What is it that is yours and yours alone, makes you unique, but it gets them the result that they’re looking for because of the skill set that you have.

Past that, what are the little minor pieces that out of that big product can come those little products because really if I’m just providing the big product, the book teaching the process, the course teaching the process, all those things come out of it. What is it for you. Listen, if you have questions about how to actually put that together, feel free to hit me up. I would love to hear from you. I would love to help you figure this out because this is basically what I do all the time. I hope that right now I’ve got you thinking because you can’t really make money until you start putting together your core products, and the little products that surround it and strengthen it and that are a part of it that teach how to do it. My book is just a manual for my staff that we’re giving to people that want to do the process themselves. If they don’t want to do the process themselves, they really want all the work done for them, they we can be hired to come in and do that.

What is your core product? What is the thing that you’re trying to sell that you want to get famous for. It doesn’t have to be a $50,000.00 to a million dollar price tag. It can literally be $300.00. It doesn’t have to be highly expensive, but I want you to understand that you’ve got to have that thing that nobody else out there is allowed to sell that is yours, that has your name on it. You can buy a webinar product from anybody out there that’s doing webinars well, but you can only buy the Ben Adkins version in what I do for me. What’s that for you?

All right. I hope you enjoyed this episode of the Serial Progress Secret Podcast. In the next episode we’re going to wrap up this series that’s been talking about getting famous, building your platform, and being in front of everybody so that you can build your business in a much easier way. We’re going to wrap it up next time when we talk about how you can blow up this entire process fast by using Facebook ads. I hope you’re enjoying it. Make sure you click the subscribe button. Also, leave me comments, leave me a review. I always love hearing what you’re doing. I love answering your questions. IM always here to help, that’s part of how my business has gotten to the point is has I because we love helping people. I expect if you’re listening to this you probably do to. Feel free to take advantage of that. Also, feel free to jump on iTunes and leave us a review. That’s how we know that we’re doing good and that’s a big deal to my staff and I. That gives us a big boost in the morning when we wake up and see those. Past that, next episode, we’re going to wrap this up with the Facebook ad process that we go through. I think you’re going to absolutely love it. Thanks for listening. I will talk to you next time.

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