S2E4: Creating a Content Plan that Makes You Famous.

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Want to know how Dr. Ben Adkins gets so much content out every single week. Check out this episode where he walks you through the 3 Content Categories he uses for his clients and how he gets 52 pieces of content out quicker than anyone else.

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So you want to become famous and you know you’ve got to create a ton of content to do that. Or at least it seems like a ton of content. Well, you don’t have to create quite as much as you think. It’s a lot, but there is a system to doing this. And how you do that, and the boxes you have to check to get this done are super important. That’s what we’re going to cover this time on this episode of Serial Progress Seeker. All right? Let’s dive in. Let’s do it.

You’re listening to the Serial Progress Seeker podcast. My name’s Dr. Ben Adkins and I want to take you behind the scenes and show you how I built a multi million dollar digital internet business and how I’m turning that entire business into something that I can take with me anywhere. Inside of the backpack. Let’s get started with the show.

All right so over the last few episodes we’ve been talking about the things that you’ve got to do if you want to really explode your brand online and become famous and the whole point of becoming famous is that your business becomes more profitable and you’ve got a lot more options and when you have more options, you get to a point like where I’m at. You get to travel more. You get to do more of what you want when you want. And listen, the kind of people that listen to this podcast are experts. They’re people that are really good at what they do. But if that’s you, you may not have the kind of time that you want still. And you may still be trapped behind a desk. You may be trapped in an office.

And that’s what this is all about. So over the last few episodes we’ve been covering the keys to really sort of detaching yourself from the day to day. And how to become famous online and turn that into money. Which is sort of the point. And we’re going to continue that today. The key behind all of this is that every episode in season two stacks on top of one of the other. And I don’t know if we’ll ever do anything like this again, but I’m digging it so far. So everything stacks. So if you get to this one and you don’t quite understand what’s going on, make sure you listen to episode one through three before you start into episode four which is this one.

So let’s dive in. Today we’re going to talk about creating a content plan that makes you famous. What are the things that you need to do? This episode is designed to sort of be the checklist. This is the list of things that you want to dive in, you want to do, you want to create and you really want to do this in a certain way so that you can get content that sort of moves down. Now in the next episode I’m going to be talking about what we call our trickle down plan. This is the content trickle down plan. This is when you create the stuff that I’m going to teach you in this episode, this is how it turns into all the other stuff. So I’ll be explaining that as we go.

Now the whole idea behind creating all this content is it’s going to bring people closer to you because as we talked about in the first episode, to really get yourself out there. To really be famous you’ve got to get your voice. You’ve got to get your face in front of them and then eventually you want to get them holding something in their hand that is yours. And this is the key to it all. Because this is your voice, your face, and eventually this turns into something that can be like a book. You can write a whole book just from doing the kinds of things that we’re going to talk about.

So let’s really get into it. In this episode, I want to talk about how we create content. Now, I create content on a weekly basis because it’s just sort of my job. I’m supposed to be creating a lot of content that teaches people and makes their lives better and that’s my gig. But a lot of people that I work with in our agency because we have an agency that helps people do this, so that their business can grow. When I do it in an agency setting, I have to account for the fact that it’s not their job to do this every day. And they’ve got to get the work done that has to be done in a very short period of time. So this is sort of how it all works.

We will sit down with the clients and even if you’re not a client of ours, this is something that you can follow that will work very well. Block out a week to two weeks. Okay so we block out a week to two weeks. We can do this over a break. We can have the client you know have someone fill in for them. Or we can piece meal this out two, three days at a time. But the idea is when we have a client, we want them to put together 52 pieces of content. That’s extremely key and this is what we call our pillar or our foundation content. This is the content that has their face on video. But more importantly it’s the kind of content that can be translated to audio pretty easily too just right out of the gate.

So we are super focused as somebody that works with a business whether it be a doctor, a lawyer, a real estate agent, or someone that is a pro athlete. We’re looking to put together 52 pieces of content that reaches their core audience, okay? So in the last episode we talked about finding who you are and who your core audience is and what you want to sell to them. That’s the big key. Before we even get into shooting content, we got to know those things. So 52 pieces of content. And what we will do is over a week to two week period we will get in front of the camera with the client. We will have basically a white board in the background that has each video that we’re going to shoot on it. So with each video I’ve got basically a note book with all of the different pieces of content that we’ve put together that we’re going to shoot.

Now, all that happens months before. When we take on a client, this is the process we start is actually writing the kind of content that their audience will respond to. When we get to this portion, what ends up happening is we’re actually sitting with the client coming out of a notebook, and it’s typically an iPad by the way, out of the iPad onto the white board and then the client has a camera pointed at them and they’ve got the white board with their bullet points. So the client will go through and they will teach and we will shoot 52 pieces of video content. Now these are typically between five to ten minutes long. And we’re looking to have the kinds of things that teach people something fast and don’t doddle a lot. So we want to have people learning a lot from our clients, learning a lot from me, whoever’s the star of the video, and being able to learn it quickly.

Okay now if we have more in depth topics, that’s the kind of stuff that’s the premium content for courses that people have to pay for, but this is five to ten minutes. On video, teaching one little thing. So for example, a chiropractor may come on with us and one episode may be here’s the three exercises that you need to do that are going to relieve the neck pain you have in you have a sit down job. So something like that. It’s just three real quick exercises we can show it fast. We’re in. We’re out. And it’s for the people that are needing this. And so it’s a big help and it brands our client in a big way. But it’s all content like that. But the idea is with our clients, what they really pay us for is to sit down, to prep everything, to help sit down with them and in a few days to shoot the amount of content that we need.

Okay, so typically there’s three content categories that we start with. Now every client’s a little bit different. And every time I do this for a different business, it’s a little different. But it always go into sort of these three different tutorials, these three different categories. One being tutorials. And two being lifestyle. Three being motivation. So with everybody out there that we work with, typically it sort of fits into this. So tutorials is going to be, here’s the step by step way to do this thing. So what that accomplishes is it proves that our client is an expert. So it proves that our client is an expert. It proves that we’re an expert if we’re the ones on video. Whatever we’re talking about teaching is the number one way to bond.

So tutorials step by step stuff, that’s key. Lifestyle is going to be more of your window into the person’s life. When Somebody teaches us something, when they start to really brand themselves as a celebrity because they’re helping someone, people want to start knowing what their life is like. It’s just a weird sort of celebrity type thing that starts to happen and so you have to have at least a little bit of content that gives the behind the scenes into what their day to day looks like. So that’s key.

Finally motivation. Everybody needs a pick me up sometimes. And so with out clients, most of them are very motivated people. And so they have little systems and things that kind of get them through the day. And like I said, we work with a lot of top performers in my business. We like to think that we’re top performers. And so motivational stuff, stuff that gets us motivated, stuff that helps us get through and push through and really accomplish the big goals, that’s the key.

And so that’s it. It’s three major content categories. Of course there’s little off shoots depending on the client. Depending on what we’re trying to accomplish. But it’s always three content categories. Tutorials, lifestyle, and motivation. And what that does is that as we’re mapping things out, typically we like to lead heavy out of the 52 pieces of video content or audio content that we’re putting together and we really like to put together video if at all possible. But even audio sometimes. What ends up happening is the majority of that content probably 60% to 70% ends up being tutorials and then the remainder is a good mix between lifestyle and motivation.

Okay, so how we create this fast is exactly what I said. We will actually schedule dates. We do a ton of prep work before digging into who the client is, what they’re after, what their brand looks like, and we will map out 52 pieces of content. Typically it comes out usually to about 60 pieces of content. So we can do some stuff and throw it away. And then in a week to two week period, we will go all in. We will have a film crew come in. We will film the client in an environment that sort of fits the brand. And not only are we taking a lot of photos with this, but we’re doing the actual content videos so that we got those things.

Now when that content gets done, we’ve got just a bulk of content that can be released one piece a week for the next year. And once we get done with that, it’s really interesting. And this gets into the content trickle down plan that we’re going to cover on the next episode. But it’s really interesting. As you put that content out, you start seeing the things that really work versus the things that just kind of work, and the things that don’t work at all. And so when that content starts to go out, you learn a lot. You learn a lot about what the audience reacts to. And the brand grows just exponentially because you’re getting stuff out in a way that you never did before. Whether as your guest and putting it out not being able to know for a long time with traditional ways. This puts things out and our clients start to learn a lot more about their clients and their customers. So it’s a really informative process as well.

So that’s it. That’s how we create content fast. It centers around 52 pieces of content. 60-ish in all, but 52 that actually gets the light of day and they’ll actually go live on the YouTube channel, all that. Now, once we get these pieces of content done, this is where things get interesting. And this takes us into the next episode. It’s not just a video going out every week. It’s not just a piece of audio going out every week. It’s a ton of stuff that supports that content. So it’s a ton of stuff that comes out as social post or as a smaller video or as a smaller piece of audio. And that’s what we call the content trickle down plan.

Not only are we getting a video and a piece of audio, we’re also getting a blog post. We’re also getting social content out of the audio or video. We’re getting Instagram, Facebook. Twitter stuff. And we are putting them on a schedule to always be promoting. So it turns into this machine. So on the next episode that’s what we’re going to be covering what I call the content trickle down plan. So I hope you enjoy this episode. If you did make sure you click the subscribe button so you’re alerted every time we come out with a new episode because this is a lot of good stuff and I don’t want you to miss anything. Also, if you want to get show notes, you want to get more from us go to Serialprogressseeker.com. That’s where you can find me.

All right. Hope you enjoyed it. I will see you on the next episode.

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