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It’s the question everyone asks themselves. Who the hell am I? And who can I help with my business? If you have asked these questions about yourself, you’re not going to want to miss this episode. Dr. Ben Adkins will walk you through his steps in helping you identify who you really are.

Episode Transcription

So we’ve been talking about how to become famous but before you can get in and really grab and audience and be passionate about who you are, you’ve gotta know who you are and how you relate to the people that you’re trying to reach.

On this episode, we’re going to talk about how to start mapping that out and how to really dig into your core audience and how they’re going to fall in love with you.

Alright? Let’s dive in. Let’s do it.

You’re listening to the Serial Progress Seeker podcast. My name is Dr. Ben Adkins and I wanna take you behind the scenes and show you how I build a multimillion dollar digital internet business and how I’m turning that entire business into something that I can take with me anywhere, inside of a backpack.

Let’s get started with the show.

Alright, so last time we hinted at sort of this medium in the machine. How are we actually going to get in front of these 1,000 fans and really bring them closer to us? In episode two, I talked through how we’re gonna be doing that with content and how we’re gonna create it, how I create it, and how all this starts to come together.

Before we get to deep into that, we have to talk about something that’s really important which a lot of people miss out on. They start marketing. They start putting out content. They start doing all this stuff. They don’t get any results. It’s not working the way it’s supposed to and the reason that that happens is because you can start putting out things because you think that’s where the money’s at but you’re not really speaking to anybody.

Now the reason, if there’s any reason that I have blown up in my business, blown up in the other businesses that I’ve been involved in, it’s not because there’s anything overly special about me, it’s just I know pretty much exactly who I’m talking to and I’m talking to people who have a similar level of nerdiness of things that I do. And so it’s really, really important that we talk about this. This is going to be one of those that people want to skip over the whole figuring out who the hell you are and I get that. Nobody wants to focus on finding your niche or whatever you want to call it but it’s really the most important thing.

So the whole ballgame is pretty simple. You know you can get super complicated with this. I’ll make sure to share some of the ways that I do this in more of a long form, but I wanna walk you through sort of figuring out who you are and who you should be going after.

So the first thing that I really think about when I do this, and I’ve got about five big points here. Okay, so five big points that we’re going to cover. But the first one is pretty simple. Who do you want to help? I think that this is really important because a lot of people start off with, well what are you good at? And that’s great. I think if you’re already good at something, maybe you’re a doctor, maybe you’re a lawyer, maybe you focus on helping a certain person to get better at swinging a baseball bat, or shooting free throws, whatever it may be that’s great. If you’re already there, you already have an idea, that’s wonderful.

But the very beginning of it is who do you wanna help because it has less to do with what you’ve already done and it’s more of what do you want to do because there was a time when I was a chiropractor and that was my gig and that’s what I did. So I helped people get out of pain and so the obvious answer I would have said I should be doing is more chiropractic related and helping people with pain, or helping people with weight loss, or whatever. But I had this really weird thing that I did to grow my chiropractic office that I really fell in love with. And I was an absolute nerd for marketing. Along the way I started to figure out I was more into marketing than I was anything else out there especially marketing as it related to the internet. And when I got into this stuff, I got results. I grew my office; things started happening and I never really looked at that as the thing I was doing to help people but I started to have people ask me. What I figured out along the way, I really enjoy helping people with their marketing too.

So I was sitting there, I was a chiropractor, and I loved helping people with that, but I kind of got in my head that I really loved helping businesses with their marketing and to grow and to make a whole lot more money with a lot less work. And that was something that always sort of appealed to me. So when I asked myself the question, the first thing was who do you wanna help? And when I really got down to it, I wanted to help people more with their business and growing and marketing than I wanted to help people with their back pain. It was a close race, but that was the race and that’s what I figured out. I, at the time I figured that out, I didn’t really think that I was equipped to help people with their marketing but I knew that’s what I wanted to do. So I poured myself into it.

That’s the thing. In the beginning, what do you want to do? Who do you want to help? And once you figure that out, you can really start moving in and I always ask people this, it’s underneath who do you wanna help. You get really into this mode, what are you really nerdy about? What would you have fun talking about all day, every single day? And that’s they key. That’s what you’ve gotta look for.

So number two is who have you helped already? So this was sort of the hit for me. When I was a chiropractor I helped people with their back pain, was really pretty good at that, but also I really enjoyed when I got to sit down and talk to people about their marketing and they were getting results. And so I knew, with who I’d helped already, that I was starting to become capable to help people with that stuff. So that’s the second question that I asked.

The third question is, what does their life look like? The people that you want to help, what does their life kind of look like? What are they after? What are their hopes and their dreams? What do they drive? Where do they go to work every day? What do they eat? What is their home life look like? Do they have kids? Did they go to college? You’ve gotta get really deep into that stuff, is what they look like and I get all crazy exhausted with this. I will take a chunk of time and I will build out exactly what this person looks like, even sometimes to the effect of you’re why does that even relate to the thing we’re trying to sell them? But it all relates. Everything is interconnected and so I really break down what do these people look like that I’m trying to help, that I want to help, that I wanna hang out with every day, that I wanna teach things that I know how to do so that their life can be better.

And, which brings me to sort of this fourth point, which is an extension of the third point. It’s something I call my Pinterest board method and this is kind of what I do. I will sit down in front of Pinterest and for anybody who doesn’t know anything about Pinterest, Pinterest is a place where it’s very picture oriented and it’s aimed, it’s primary audience, I wouldn’t say aimed but of course it is aimed at them, it’s primarily aimed at females. This is a place where females can go learn things and build boards, what they call boards, that sort of encapsulate different parts of their lives. Now it’s not just for females, it’s for males. I love Pinterest. It’s one of my favorite places just because of the things that you can do.

But with Pinterest, what I’d like to do, as I’m thinking about this person that I want to help, as I’m thinking about sort of what their life’s about, I will build boards for these people. So, on Pinterest you will see someone building a board and it’s sort of all of these things they want in their life or they want to know how to do or they want saved in a place. What I do is I will build boards for this customer avatar, the person that I’m after and I will build things that they want to eat. So I will look for things that I think they will eat and what’s so great about Pinterest, it displays all these pictures in a row and as you go down, you will have things catch your eyes, cause you’re like, that’s my person.

That’s what’s really nice. When we’re building this out on Pinterest, it’s an easy way to get a sense of who this person is because it’s so visual. So I will use Pinterest to actually go in and do that.

Now finally when you really start figuring out who your person is, in case you don’t know already, you’ve gotta figure out what you want to sell. Now you may have a business. You may be selling stuff already but what is it you want to sell? I know a lot of people that are selling stuff that’s under $100. That’s not what they wanna sell. It’s just not their thing. They’d rather be selling something that is $15,000 to $20,000. That’s more of their jam. And so, as we get into this, it’s not just about figuring out who you are and what you’re good at and what you can help people with. It’s not just about figuring out who your target person is but it’s more how are you going to exchange value. That’s the key here at the end.

Out of these five points, it’s you kind of know what you can do to help people, what you’re in to, what you want to nerd out on, what you want to offer your advice on once you become a giant nerd on it, you kind of know what the people that you’re going to be helping look like. Now what is it that you actually want to sell them? Do you want to sell something that is highly expensive or do you want to sell something that’s accessible for just about everybody? And so, at the end of the day, that’s the big things that you’ve gotta cover. You’ve gotta answer those questions. Who do you wanna help? Who have you helped already? What does their life look like? Going to Pinterest and actually picking that out, point number four, and then point number five, what is it that you actually want to sell them and why.

What I’m always looking at is this. Is there way that I can help these people digitally? You know without having to have too much inventory. I have no problem with physical products. I’ve got physical products that go with the stuff that I do online but that’s the key for me is, is there a way that I can do it digitally? If you’re teaching kids how to shoot free throws, can you put together a course with, you know video wise, record yourself goin through some tips. What are all those things that you can do? What is it you want to sell them? Even if, when we get into this process of becoming famous, you’re not selling anything yet. I think at the end of the day, you gotta start figuring out what you’re premium content is. What’s the stuff that’s someone would absolutely pay because it’s really good stuff to know. It’s your best stuff. It’s the most nerdy stuff. It’s the stuff that maybe the casual person might not be into but the nerds for it, just like you, would be into it.

So those are the questions that you gotta start answering. Okay, so once you start answering those questions, some interesting things are going to happen.

Number one, you’re gonna start figuring out the things that you have to sell and you’re gonna figure out who you need to sell them to and you’re gonna figure out your unique way of selling them because of how you fit into the space. But more importantly, you’re gonna start thinking about all the content that you can create. Even the stuff that’s not premium.

And so, on the next episode, where we get even deeper into how to become famous and how to make your business famous, and to grow into this business that has at least 1,000 true fans that will support you and make you a ton of money, and you’ll support them because you’re givin them good stuff, in the next episode we’re gonna dive deeper and we’re gonna talk about creating a content plan that makes you famous.

So in the next episode, we’re gonna dive in deep and I’m gonna talk to you about how you can start creating a plan to create the kind of content that is going to bring people super close to you and really get them into what you are doing. So by the time you release your premium stuff, or if you already have something premium, when you really get into it, you can get there. So next episode is going to be all about the pieces of content that we put out on YouTube and Facebook and all these places and how we create the top level content. This is the stuff that you as the expert creates not the stuff that’s little supporting role content that goes out on social media, like the little posts. We’re talking about the top level content, the videos, the audio, things like this the podcast. What’s the top level content that actually has your voice, your face, your message on it and that’s when we’re gonna get into some good stuff.

The beautiful part about what we’re gonna do next is if you start planning it out the right way, not only are you going to put out great stuff, video and audio, but this is what is going to lead you to writing a book down the road, something physical that can be put in people’s hands because this is the kind of content, if you do it right, ends up creating a sphere of content that turns into something that you can put together into a more comprehensive piece.

Alright, so next episode we’re gonna talk about the content plan, how to create it, how much content you need to create at the top level, meaning you actually create it, and how does that start to go down into the small pieces of content that support it and make you famous.

Alright. I will see you on the next episode. I hope you enjoyed this one. If you did, make sure you click subscribe so you’ll get alerts next time that we put out an episode. Make sure you jump over to serialprogressseeker.com. We’ve got show notes, all kinds of good stuff there and I will see you on the next episode.

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