S2E1: 1000 True Fans and The 3 Stage Progression of Burrowing Deep into Someone’s Mind

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Do you have 1,000 True Fans for your business right now? If not, you will want to make sure you don’t miss this episode of the Serial Progress Seeker Podcast. Dr. Ben Adkins is going to walk you through the 3 stages of burrowing deep into someone’s mind and guiding them into becoming a raving fan for your business.


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In this season, season two of the Serial Progress Seeker, I’m going to be showing you how you can take your business and you can make it famous. What I mean by that is how do you really start building a business that has legs, gets people interested, but more importantly, turns them into something we call a true fan. I’m a big believer that you need a thousand true fans to make a business that really is profitable. That’s what this season is all about, how do you put things together, how do you create content, how do you become famous and make your business famous so that it can go, and how do that all using the internet. Let’s dive in. Let’s get started.

In this episode, we’re going to be talking about the three stages of things you got to do. The three stage progression of burrowing deep into someone’s mind. All right? Let’s do it. You’re listening to the Serial Progress Seeker Podcast. My name is Dr. Ben Adkins and I want to take you behind the scenes and show you how I built a multimillion dollar digital internet business and how I’m turning that entire business into something that I can take with me anywhere, inside of a backpack. Let’s get started with the show. I assume very little when I dive in and we talk about marketing and business, but I do assume that if you’re listening to this, you either have a business or you’re wanting to start a business.

If you’re listening to me, the odds are pretty great that you want to start a business that is mostly based online. That’s awesome. I come from being a chiropractor that was slogging it out everyday in a brick and mortar business to someone that has pretty much making the majority of my money from home or from wherever I happen to be traveling that particular week. What I want to do in this particular season, season two, is of course, I wanted to talk about what are the pieces that you have to have in place. This first episode I think is the setup for all of this. We’re going to have several episodes that all sort of build. Last season was a lot of topics that relate, but they were loosely related.

This is all about a progression of things. You can almost think of this season as a course on how to become famous and how to profit from being famous. That’s what this is all about. I’ve been very lucky to do what I’m going to teach you and the majority of my upcoming year is just about doing more of what I’m teaching you and being in front of more people and exposing the world to the good things that we’re building. That sort of brings me to my point. You can absolutely use what I’m going to be teaching you for evil. I’m assuming though that everybody that listens to this is going to use this for good.

Sort of how I look at this is this, anything that I get paid money for, I fully believe that someone else is getting value because they paid me and it’s changing their life in a positive way. I have no problem marketing myself aggressively and really saying that my job most days is to become famous. That may sound really weird to … It sounds weird to me if you just leave it at that, but I fully believe that the more famous I get, the more I get myself out there, the more people are going to have good things that they can do that I’ve taught them.

Let’s talk about this. They start this online thing and if you market your business online, whatever it is, this is all about getting in front of the right people and getting them to buy your thing and then them having a good experience. There was an article that was written way, way back a while ago. When I say way, way back, I’m talking 10 years ago from right around now. This was 2008. This article was really special. This article was called 1,000 True Fans. I refer back to this over and over and over again because this is something that not only …

I think when people read this article, 1,000 True Fans, and by the way, for those of you that want to go read it, if you just google 1,000 True Fans, you’re looking for 1,000 True Fans by Kevin Kelly. It’s an article that you can read at his site. This has sort of gotten big over the years. The whole concept behind this 1,000 True Fans article was this, it’s sort of a business model, whether you’re a musician, you’re someone who paints, you take photos or you’re like me, you’re teaching online. I’m an online teacher. That’s what I do. I teach people online and I sell courses when I’m not just giving it away for free.

But the whole concept of this 1,000 True Fans is this, you can make a really, really good living, a really good living if you just have a thousand people that will buy anything that you put out, if you have a thousand people that are just really into what you’re doing. Okay? You read this article. I hope that you’re going to read it after you listen to this, but you got to read this article. I think a lot of people when they read this, it sounds really good. It’s written really well, but is that the way that it is? Over the years, I’ve kind of come to this conclusion that this was an absolute on the nose article. The reason I say that is because I don’t have the biggest email list on the planet, you know?

A lot of people that are in my market think you have to have a huge email list or a huge customer database to make a lot of money. I don’t have the biggest email list on the planet, but what I do have is I have a group of people, tribe if you will, that really love what I do and just about everything that I put out, they’re into. If they don’t buy it, they at least want to buy it. That’s the concept and throughout this entire season, I want you to think about this is we’re really after 1,000 true fans and marketing to them. What I want to do now is sort of walk you through what’s the process of finding those 1,000 true fans and what’s the process of getting them to love and then getting them to kind of how …

The mechanics of it. This is sort of the basis of all that. First thing is you got to have a good idea if you’re putting together an online business of what your product is of course and who it is you’re serving. All right? Listen, if you have a product and you think everybody needs it, you’re in trouble. You have to narrow it down to the best person for my product is this. The people that listen to this podcast are typically males, although we have a lot of females that listen. Typically, the folks that listen to this … This has sort of changed over time. When I first started out in online marketing, the majority of my audience was males over 50 believe it or not. That has kind of gotten younger.

Now, of course, while the majority of my audience is males, it’s just around the 30 to 35 range now. These are people that I think have been through jobs, been through what they thought was going to be their career and now they are starting to see, “You know what? This is not something that I want to do with the rest of my life.” That’s sort of who listens to this. You have to know that. You have to know who’s already listening to you, who are you already affecting, what is your product going to do that helps somebody, and who is it that you’re after? You have to have a message.

My message is basically this if you want to get right down to it, I help people learn how to grow a business from a backpack, so they don’t have to be tied to an office. It’s not just about making a lot of money. It’s making a lot of money on your terms. That’s what the backpack sort of represents. That sort of boils my message down as I teach really smart people how to make money without the traditional way of making money using what’s in their head. We got that. You know you need a thousand true fans eventually. You know that you got to have a message that’s dialed into a certain group of people. Trust me, there’s enough people on the planet. Find those 1,000 people.

But how do you actually start to burrow in? These are the three things. These are sort of the three things that you’ve got to be locked in on. It’s a progression. The things that I’m always thinking of is how can I get these three things locked down sometimes at the same time, but most of the time, what are the different things about my business that does this, that really locks people in and gets them to the point to where I have a chance of converting them into someone that didn’t know me to someone that kind of likes me, that someone that says, “Oh, I know that name,” to someone that absolutely loves what I do and they’re a fanatical type person for what I do because it’s helped them so much.

Here’s the progression. I’m always thinking of three things. This is the three stages of burrowing deep into someone’s mind. It goes like this. Number one is your voice. Number two is your face. Number three is they’ve got to have something to hold in their hands that’s physical that is you. This is the big deal. They’ve got to have something that’s in all of those categories. If you really think about the people that you love, the people that you’re a big, big fan, that is sort of your folks, that you just absolutely adore everything they do, their voice, their face, and you having something to hold in your hand of theirs is big.

You think of this from a music perspective and you get in this mode of, “Oh yeah. That band that I love. Well, I love the voice. I got on and watched their music video. I bought a t-shirt.” If you’re not a CD person anymore or a record person, that’s fine. I don’t do my music that way either. I’m a Spotify, Apple Music, whatever. I do digital there, but like I’ll go buy a t-shirt of the band that I love because I got to have something to hold in my hand and sort of support. But that’s the thing. What you got to start thinking about with your business is how can you get out there and do it. Let’s talk about each of these. Number one is the voice. You got to have your voice out there.

One of the big things that is insanely important to me is this podcast. You know? From the ground up. It’s not like I just started a podcast and everybody started listening. It was from the ground up. Very humble beginnings, but it was important for me to get my voice out there. The reason that voice is so important to me is I want everybody out there to have something that they can consume that is mine that I can help you to grow, bring you closer to me, but at the same time, you don’t have to look at a screen. You can take me to the gym. You can put me in your car. When you’re doing other things during your day, I have to have a way to get some time in your life.

That’s it. If I don’t have something that is very vocal, that it’s not dependent on other things, I don’t have that. The voice part is very important for me, even if we do videos. Having my voice, having a recognizable voice that you can recognize and that you hear over and over and that you can lock in that’s been, that’s important to me. Your face. I’m big on videos. One of the big things that I noticed when I first started putting this digital business together was I have to do videos because everybody that’s anybody has their face on video. I have to be recognizable. That’s a big thing. Not only do I do podcast, but I’m also big on my YouTube channel and Facebook video.

Those are huge for me because that’s a way that I can really be in someone’s life and they start to feel like they know me and they can kind of see, “Hey, that voice, I can lock it in with a face now.” That’s big. The other big thing that you have to start locking in and thinking about locking in is you got to give your fans something to hold in their hand. Big confession here. This is something I’ve missed for a long time. My favorite businesses out there do this really well, but I just missed this. If you really want to be a household name, you’ve got to put something in someone’s house. I’m not just talking about your voice and your face on a podcast or a digital program or a video.

You have to have something they can hold in their hand. People want something physical. One of the big things that you can do with this is you can put a book together, or if you don’t want to do a big book, you can do like a magazine. Two big things that my company is doing that we’ve got coming out is we’ve got several books in the works and we’ve got a digital magazine type thing. Something that has my picture in it, has what I’m trying to talk about, but it puts them out there. Let’s take a step back and really think about this. The biggest people in the world, the ones that you follow, whether it’d be Hollywood, musicians or whatever, they are really good at encapsulating these mediums.

Over the years, voice, we’re doing podcast here, but radio. Radio is a big way to consume this stuff. Your face was a TV thing and then books have always been a big thing. Books and movies. You know? All of those things have always been in our lives, at least those of us that are still around right now. We’ve always had most of those things in our lives, but it’s starting to sort of evolve to where it’s more accessible to all of us. I don’t have to be on the radio. I don’t have be on TV, tradition TV, or the movies to get my voice and face in front of you. But the last thing is there’s still got to be that physical component.

I still think that books or a smaller version of a book being a magazine that you can put out and you can teach things to people or you can show people whatever it happens to be that you want to show them, I think it’s important that you actually have something in people’s houses. Now, take a step back. If you follow anybody out there that is really branding themselves, really doing marketing right for whatever business it happens to be, they’re doing that in a big way. It’s voice, face, and giving you something to hold in their hand. That said, I think all that makes sense to you, but how do you do that?

How do you really start putting together the kind of content that you need to put together because voice, face, all that, if you’ve ever tried to do a podcast, a video or write a book or anything like that, it’s work. It’s work to put out that much content. I think that Gary V … If any of you follow Gary Vaynerchuk, he’s big on putting out a lot of content all the time. I’m a full believer in that, but how do you create the kind of content that you need to put together? That’s it. If you want to get out there and have a thousand true fans that can pay the way for you, really grow your business, you got to have a message that’s directed at them. You got to get your voice out there.

You got to get your face out there. You got to give them something to hold in their hands, but how do you do all that? I think this is the thing. Just giving you a quick model of sort of what this looks like for me and what it’s always look like for me is this, I put out free content on a podcast. I do it on a regular basis. I put out free content on my YouTube channel and on Facebook. I put that free content out. I put free written content out on social media too, and then I’ve got stuff to buy. This is the thing, if right now you are wondering how you get started with this, that’s what we’re going to cover this season. I’m going to walk you through the pieces of all this, give you very specific things of how we’re going to do this.

I’m going to show you sort of what is the path of how we do this. But at its core, I wanted you to understand what this really is all about. It’s we want to hit at least a thousand true fans with our business. To get that, we got to put out a lot of content so they know we’re here. We got to start screaming we’re here. We have to have a message for them, “Here’s what I want to teach you.” The reason you listen to this podcast is because you want to know, hey, how do I grow my business, but do it in a way that I can go anywhere and do it? Run it from a backpack. You have to be consistent with your message. Then, you have to have the mediums down. You have to have your voice.

You have to have something that has your face, and then you have to have something that they can hold in their hand. The rest of this season, that’s what we’re going to do. In the next episode, I’m going to be covering the medium and the machine. This medium is how are we putting our face, voice, and giving them something to hold in their hands, how are we putting those things out there, how are we affording all of it, how are we creating the type of content. But there’s a machine that I go through that is actually set up to do this so that I’m not having to go crazy trying to put all this together or create a bunch of content. I hope you enjoyed the foundation. This is it.

It’s what do you have to have? What are the boxes you need to check? Those are the three things. It’s voice, face, something they can hold in their hand. You check those thing, you start to build this true fan base. Making stuff available for people that has those things starts to really lock people into what you’re talking about. That’s it. We’re going to continue with this on the next episode. I’m going to be talking more about this. I’m going to start giving you the mechanics of what does my workday look like when I’m traveling, when I’m at home?

What does my workday look like through the week so that I can actually create the kind of content that we have to have to reach a large number of people on the internet. How does all that work? That’s what we’re going to cover next time. I hope you enjoyed this first episode. To recap, a thousand true fans. You got to know what they look like, what they’re into. You got to have your message dialed into them, and then you have to deliver that message in all the various little categories by getting yourself out there in something like this with a podcast, with my voice, something like a video on YouTube or Facebook with your face. Then, finally, you got to eventually give them something to hold in their hands.

That’s the hardest for most, but like a book or a magazine. From here, I’m going to start telling you how we do it, how I get my voice, my face, something they can hold in their hands, how all that stuff gets created in a way that I don’t have to do everything myself, but how I do it without going insane and how I do it from the road so that it can continue to get done even if I’m out having a great time traveling and seeing the world, eating good food. All those things. All right. I hope you enjoyed this first one. I will see you on the next episode where we’re going to start to talk about how we actually create this stuff.

What is the medium that we’re going through, but also the machine that makes sure every time we create one piece of content, it turns into a lot of pieces of content. All right? I’ll see you on the next podcast.

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