How to make $10k per month Online by Recording a Weekly Show


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This is one of my most favorite services to offer to clients as it’s so easy to show the value of a Weekly Show. Most clients know they need to get out there a little more, they are just unsure of how to get started. Check out this podcast where I show you how to make $10k per month by Recording a Weekly Show.

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Today, we’re going to talk about how to make $10 thousand a month online by recording a weekly show for other people. Let’s do it.

What’s going on? My name is Ben Adkins, and if this is your first time on my channel, you’re here for the first time, hey, how are you? What I want you to do is click the subscribe button if and only if, and that bell notification, don’t forget that, if and only if you want more of how to build a seven to eight figure per year income, and how you can do all of that living out of a backpack. That’s what we cover here.

All right, so today, we’re going to talk about something that’s very near and dear to my heart because this is one of the easiest ways to make money that I have ever seen out there in terms of helping other people do cool things for their business, but also getting paid really well for it. It all has to do with weekly show. So I want to talk about how to make $10 thousand a month by recording a weekly show for other businesses.

There’s a problem out there right now. As the web has developed, as marketing online has become more sophisticated, people are getting lost. Your local chiropractor, your local dentist, your local real estate agent, folks that you probably interact with on a weekly basis, they’re having trouble differentiating themselves from the other real estate agents, and chiropractors, and I mean, they’re competition basically, so they’re having a tough time right now, and they don’t really know necessarily how to always use the web in the best way to get out there. But here’s something they do have. Something that each and every one of them have that’s really interesting. They have expertise up here that is good, and it can help their potential customers.

Now, here’s what’s so great. The stuff that’s up here typically only comes out when they’re interacting face-to-face with one of their customers, so they can’t really use this most of the time, unless they’re referred, they can’t really use this most of the time to let people know how great they are at their job before. Now, this is where the weekly show model comes in. You might notice, if you’ve been here before, that every week, I put out at least one video on this channel, and it’s important to my brand, it’s important to my business, just like it’s important to these folks businesses.

So what I do to make 10K a month, and I make more than that with this now, but how you can get there really quickly is this. We go in and we pitch to a dentist, a chiropractor, real estate agent that every single week, they can put out a weekly show on the internet. On Facebook, on YouTube, on pretty much any channel that we want to put it out on, that gets their expertise out on one of the many topics that they’re great in within their niche. Now what this does is it immediately puts their face and their voice in front of their potential market, but it also puts their expertise in front of the market. And if you’ve been in marketing at any point before watching this video, you know that if you can teach somebody something and it’s valuable to them, there’s an instant bond, an instant trust that is brought with that.

So here’s what we do. We go in and we meet with these folks that are looking to grow their business, and we pitch the weekly show service. And this is how the weekly show service works. They pay us, and we’ll get into how much we get paid in just a little bit, but they pay us a monthly fee, and for that monthly fee, we will go in and we will shoot shows with them. And these are typically five to ten minute little segments where they’re just going through five bullet points about how to do one thing, or three bullet points of how to do something. This could be something as simple as how to whiten your teeth at home, how to eliminate tension headaches. And I’m pretty sure if you search somewhere on the net, when I was a chiropractor, there is a video of me teaching how to get rid of tension headaches with exercises that you can do throughout the day.

But that aside, here’s the ballgame. This is something that instantly gives them brand and name recognition with their consumers, with the folks that could be in there. Here’s how we do it. We go in with the folks that sign up, we go in, we shoot ten shows at once. So I’ll sit down over a two to three hour period with a potential client and we’ll have pre-mapped out ten different topics that they can talk about, we put them in front of the camera, and they go through the process. We’ll bring in our lighting rigs, which is nothing fancy. My lighting and my camera that you’re looking at here is not anything elaborate. It’s just edited well. Well, yeah. Edited well, because they’re definitely not given well, so the editing has got to be the thing.

So we’ll go in, we’ll do these shows, we’ll shoot ten at a time, and that gets us, for one show a week, about two and a half months worth of content. And with that two and a half months worth of content, we also will go in and every time we release a new video, we’ll put $50 to $100 in ad spend behind it to push to their target audience in their local market, which gets them a lot of exposure. And if the video is really good, it gets them a lot of shares.

So this is what happens. We go in, we shoot those videos, we set everything up on their page so that it drips out, but also that ads get behind it when it does drip out to their target market, and the phone starts ringing for them because this is something that’s different. Most people in local businesses don’t do this kind of thing, and if they do do it, they don’t do it well because they don’t know the process that they need to go through, and that’s what we do, and that’s what you can do as well.

So what do we charge? Typically, this is over 2K a month for us when we go in and do it because we do the video shoots, we do all the ads, we have to build in ad money to that, and we go in and we set this up. So two thousand dollars a month minimum is what we do to shoot all the videos, to plan the videos, to walk them through the process. And then when we’re done doing all that, of course we have to edit it, put everything together. So two thousand dollars a month. You knock out five clients doing this? That’s not an incredible amount of work that you have to do every month, and you’ve got $10 thousand a month coming in. And believe me, it’s super possible because there’s so many local businesses out there that need an edge, they need a way to stand out, they’ve got a really charismatic person at the center of the business, they’re just looking for a way to get out there more.

So that’s the process. That’s how you can make $10 thousand a month by shooting a weekly show for other people and helping them grow their business. If you have any questions about this, by the way, and I’m sure that you do, make sure that you post them, post them in the comments section below. I, of course, have a course that I put out on this. If you want to go check that out, I’ll have a link to that in the comments section. But listen, I would love to answer any and every question you have. By the way, quick reminder. If you love what we’re doing on the Serial Progress Seeker channel here, do me a favor, click the subscribe button, and do yourself a favor, click the bell notification. That’ll alert you any time I’ve got a new video like this coming out with good stuff just like this.

All right. So I hope you enjoyed it, I hope this is something you can take and go blow up. As I said, if you have any comments, let me know. I’ll see you on the next video.

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  1. Killllller Post!! So many hidden gems through all the portals and access!

    1. Serial Progess Seeker says:

      Thank you, we are glad you liked it!

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