#009 How to beat “Perfectionism” for fun and Profit.

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The problem with trying to get everything perfect is that it usually keeps you from finding out what your business (and life) is really about. We spend so much time trying to make our products look and feel perfect, that we end up not putting out enough content and product to really dial in who we really are.

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So one of the things that’s been just terrible to me over the last few years, and I think it’s absolutely crippling to some people, is this chase for perfection or this chase for a different thing that we call perfection. And the thing that I most often call perfectionism when I’m looking at myself and what I actually do is I will say, “Well, it has to be up to a certain quality for my customers,” or, “It has to be up to a certain quality for me to put my name on it.” All that is, is another excuse for perfection. And over the years, the quest for perfection or the quest to maintain a certain quality has been something that absolutely has helped my business because people expect a certain quality for me. But also it’s something that’s held me back and it’s something that has kept me from going to the next level.

So when I started doing the Serial Progress Seeker podcast, I’m going to be 100% upfront with you. I hate when people say that because it’s like they’re not up front with you all the time, but you get what I’m saying. I want you to understand, when I first started doing the Serial Progress Seeker podcast, one of the things that I went through was a crisis of perfection. Even after all this time and being successful and understanding that I’ve got to get it out there and ship it and you can fix the parts that are broken later … Even with all that in mind, when I first put this thing out here, I started getting into this trap of it had to be perfect. It had to sound a certain way. It had to really, really be every episode, perfect.

And what I started to figure out was, and I hope this is one you can wrap your mind around too, I don’t even really know what perfection is. I don’t even know what this Serial Progress Seeker thing is supposed to be. And that’s what I want today’s episode to really be about. I want you to take a step back and look and really think, have you done enough in your business? Have you explored enough avenues in your business that you know what perfection even is?

Now, what I mean by that is this; most of us don’t even know what our brand can be. So you’ve got a business, you’ve got brand, and you’ve not put out enough content, you’ve not seen enough patients, you’ve not brought enough customers through the door. Whatever it is that your business happens to do, you don’t necessarily know what your thing is yet. And the only way most of us figure out what our thing is is by putting ourselves out there a lot. So just to take a step back and, and I’ll come back to this in a way that I think it’ll be understandable for everybody, when I was a chiropractor and I first started with my practice way back in the day before I even had any clue what I was doing, I had to go speak at a lot of events. I had to see a lot of patients. I had to do a lot of marketing to understand what my place in the marketplace even was.

What my place ended up being was I ended up being the doctor that females between 25 and 35 came in and saw, and then they referred a lot of their family. But my core marketing became I am the chiropractor that is for females 25 to 35. And so, all of our marketing started aiming that way. All of the things that we created; our Facebook page, our website, they all were pointed at that demographic eventually. But in the beginning I was just trying to get people through the door. I didn’t know what I was or who I was, so I just did a lot.

The beautiful part about that is I didn’t try to be perfect. I just got out there and did a lot. And so, when I get over to my online business and what I’m trying to do, the problem is most people are so in love with a hero in their same field that they try to do everything up to that level. That’s the only marker that they have and instead of getting things out the door and shipped, they will oftentimes wait until they can get up to that quality and they’ll end up spending 90% of their time not creating the content of what they’re teaching, but they’ll end up creating the aesthetics, what it actually looks like and that’s where they can help behind. Some people it takes forever, so one of the things that I want to be focused on as I’m doing this podcast and as I am building my business into a thing that is more backpack friendly, so I can take my business on the road, is being very open to, of course, processes and getting things down and automating them and being efficient with everything that we’re doing. But along the way, being okay with showing people my growth.

Now, this is the point of this entire podcast. In your own business, you’ve got to get away from perfection and you’ve got to start locking in with being okay with people seeing your process and your growth. So just an exercise that I want you to guys to do, a lot of people know of this guy named Gary Vaynerchuk, Gary V. What I want you to do is go watch the most current video on Gary V’s YouTube channel and I want you to look at how well produced it is, how put together it is, how awesome it is. Okay? It’s very slick.

You may be tempted to go out and do something like that if you were going to put on a YouTube show. But I want you to go way back and I want you to do a Google search for Gary Vaynerchuk, or Gary V., first Wine Library video, and I want you to look at where Gary started. What was so great is Gary started putting out content, and he always put out content, he kept putting out things. He kept doing things. He kept trying to put himself out there, both on social media, on video, things like that. And along the way, he got better at it. It wasn’t a prospect of, “Hey, I’m going to put out this amazing thing.”

What Gary understood and what you need to understand about your business is the more you can be on social media, the more you can be on video, the more you can be on a podcast, the more you can be on your blog just talking and it not being perfect, but just teaching people about what you do, about what you’re an expert in, the better you’re going to be. It doesn’t matter if it’s polished because what people actually care about is your voice and what you’re teaching them. Along the way, the polishing part gets easier. But let me tell you, many a business has died because of the pursuit of perfection, and I don’t want that to happen to you. If you’re someone that listens to this podcast, you’re somebody that’s actually seeking progress. You’re trying to grow and you’re trying to make your business more efficient. But let me tell you, most people listening to this podcast right now, I promise you are just like me. I will raise my hand on this one, too.

We don’t even know what our brand is yet, and I would venture to say that most people on the planet don’t know what their brand is yet. There’s, of course, a few exceptions. I’m sure you could name them, but most of us have no clue what our business is actually about. And the reason is is because we’ve had a little bit of success and this is … Actually, this is actually worse on you when you’ve had a little success because you start to think that you can’t be imperfect. You can’t put yourself out there in a vulnerable way. You can’t put yourself out there. Everything has to be up to a level, so you take forever to do it.

Right now, the struggle that I’m going through is putting out video. I’m wanting to do more video content and I’m struggling with that perfection. Everything has to be perfect. It has to be edited a certain way. And what I’m trying to do right now is I’m trying to say put it out. Get it out there. People need to see it. People need to watch you. Your message is something that people need to see. And here’s the grand scheme of things, the end of this, I want you to understand this. What you’re going to find out is when you write the blog post, and you keep writing blog posts, when you write the podcast or you just get on like I do, and you talk about things that you’re passionate about. When you get on video, what’s you’re going to start to realize is is of all the things that you’ve created, you’re going to find a few things that work and people will tell you by the views and the comments, what’s actually working.

Once you do that, you can do more of that thing. But you can’t do that if you’re just putting out a little bit at a time. You’ve got to keep putting yourself out there. So this is sort of my challenge to you. I want you to do what I’m doing right now. When I do podcast, when I do videos, when I do blog posts, I typically batch them. So meaning I’ll sit down for two, three days and I’ll try to knock out 10 to 30 podcast at once. Okay? The reason is is I know when I knock out 10 to 30 podcasts at once, I can put them out over the next few months. And when I put them out, you all will tell me which ones were the ones that were awesome. Okay? I will get more feedback on the awesome ones and then the next time that I go in and do that stretch, that kind of putting everything together at once, I’ll know more of what I need to do because you’re telling me what’s working for you. And that, of course, means it’s going to work for my brand.

So the challenge for you is simple. Do this, whatever it is you’re doing right now, I want you to say, “I’m going to pick podcasting. I’m going to pick video. I’m going to pick blog post. I’m going to pick just a simple Facebook post.” In the next week, keep it simple. Get on Facebook. I want you to write out 10 posts that you can schedule it on Facebook. Put them out there. Write them. Sit down for two hours tonight, write out 10 Facebook posts, scheduled them out, and over the next few days, drip them out. One a day, two a day, one every two days, whatever it is. See what works with your brand. With your Facebook page, your business; see what actually works, and that’s where I want you to get used to. I want you to get used to putting out content and letting the public tell you what to do more of. Because let me tell you right now, this perfection will absolutely kill our businesses if we let it take over.

This perfectionism, this maintaining a certain quality will absolutely kill us because, like I said, most of us out there don’t even know what perfection actually is. We just are basing it off of someone else’s stuff. So here’s what I want you to do; go Out, put out a lot of content the next little bit, it’s going to be ugly. You’re going to cringe a little bit, but people are going to tell you what works for them.

That’s my goal right now. This is one of those episodes of the podcast where I am giving you a behind-the-scenes of what I’m struggling with right now, what I’ve struggled with over the years, and it is absolutely getting over perfectionism, putting stuff out there, and rocking it out. Now, by the time you hear this episode, this is probably something I’ll be a little bit farther on because I am batch recording all of these, but I hope this is something that really hits home with you.

All right, so that’s all I’ll say about that. I hope you enjoyed this episode of the Serial Progress Seeker podcast. My name’s Ben Adkins and what I would love for you to do is, if you enjoyed this podcast, go click the subscribe button. What that’s going to do is it’s going to set you up to get notifications anytime I have a new episode that comes out. Also, if there’s something specific, I would love for you to tell me about it. What was it on the episode that you liked? What did you not like? Leave me a review and tell me about it.

Now if you want behind-the-scenes stuff that didn’t show up in the actual show, because maybe it was more of a video thing that needed to be explained via video. go to the Serial Progress Seeker blog and you can check out show notes and behind-the-scenes stuff. That’s SerialProgressSeeker.com. All right. Hopefully you enjoyed this one. I will see you on the next episode.

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