#35 How I wrote My Last Book without Having to Actually Write it

Have you always wanted to write a book, but don’t want to sit down and type out 175 pages? The last book I wrote, I did it without ever typing out a single word. Check out how I did it, lets go! To check out my book go here: http://get.closerscafe.com/msm

Have you always wanted to write a book, but don’t want to sit down and type out 175 pages? The last book I wrote, I did it without ever typing out a single word. Check out how I did it, lets go! To check out my book go here: http://get.closerscafe.com/msm


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Have you always wanted to write a book, but don’t want to sit down and type out 175 pages? The last book I wrote, I did it without ever typing out a single word. Check out how I did it, lets go! To check out my book go here: http://get.closerscafe.com/msm

Episode Transcription:

Today we’re going to talk about how I wrote my last book without having to actually write it and how you, you got something good inside of you, can do the same. Let’s dive in, let’s do it.

What’s going on? My name’s Dr. Ben Adkins and on this channel, if it’s your first time here, I cover all the ways that you can make a full-time living online. More specifically, how you can get to seven, eight figures a year and how you can do it from anywhere with just a backpack. If you’d like to be alerted any time I come out with new videos, hit the subscribe button and, most importantly, hit that little notification bell. It’s going to alert you any time I come out with a new video just like this.

Today, we’re going to talk about how I wrote my last book. I recently put out a book called Micro Service Millionaire and I have a confession to make, I didn’t actually write any of it. I didn’t sit down at a typewriter, I didn’t sit down with a pad and paper. I did the entire thing like this, talking. The whole thing was mapped out and it came out through my voice and then it turned into not only an audio book but it turned into a written book too. What’s so nice is I’ve written books before and this took me about 25% of the time. Usually takes me four or five months to write a book, this took about three weeks to put the entire thing together and get it recorded, and get it out to the public and ready for view so far, and I’ll make sure that you have a link below this video so you can go check it out if you’d like to too. It’s called Micro Service Millionaire.

That’s not why you’re here right now. The reason you’re here right now is you want to know how in the world did I write this book in three weeks, get it out to the public … It only took a week and a half to actually put it together, but how did I actually do this and how can you do it too? The first thing is, why I decided to write a book. Big thing in my head is, I am an online video, online course screener guy. The problem is, is most of the time if you are hearing from me and you’re learning from me you’ve got to be sitting in front of the computer or watching a video with your eyes locked in.

One of the things that I really decided that I needed to do to get more out there this year is get away from just doing videos, which I love, by the way. Get away from just doing videos and start putting things down in audio so you can listen to them at the gym or in the car or if you wanted it to be quiet and you didn’t want all the sound you could sit down and read a book. That’s the reason we got into this. Now, the process was absolutely huge. This is how I did it. I knew that I didn’t want to sit down and write a book this time and spend the time doing that. I tried actually with this book and it was just taking forever so I said, “Wouldn’t it be cool if I could sit down with bullet points, slides, just like what I’m doing right now?” Just in case you don’t know, I’m looking every so often down at slides with bullet points on it. Wouldn’t it be cool if I could do the entire book that way?

This is what I did. I sat down with keynotes, PowerPoints, same thing but for a PC keynote is a Mac tool that I use that basically does presentations. Very simply, I put together around nine slides. Each of those slides represented a chapter in the book. I would get on, and I had a chapter in the book, and then I would build out bullet points in that chapter that would walk people through each of the points that we did this. For example, one of the chapters was how to get clients. In Micro Service Millionaire, it’s all about putting out these cool little, tiny services that you could automate almost 100% and people pay you monthly for.

One of the chapters was how to get clients and I went through … I had seven bullet points in this PowerPoint slide that went through all the ways that I get clients. What I did was, is I just sat down and every time I got to a new bullet point I would just talk about it. Now keep in mind, you have to be somewhat of an expert on your topic to pull this off. Otherwise, it’s really difficult to just straight talk about something for that long but I was an expert in all of this stuff because I’d been doing it for years and so it was easy for me to block this out.

Now, what I did was I put together the keynote presentation, I went over it a few times and said, “Is this what I want to do? Is this how this needs to work?” I got it down to where I said, “Yes, this is the presentation. If this was a book, I would read these things if someone else put it out.” What I did was, I sat down in front of a computer, I had my microphone and I had my keynote presentation. I had a piece of software that recorded me, you could literally do this with a phone, by the way, and I just talked through it. Now, this took me about two days total to actually go through and record all of this stuff and get it down.

Now, when I was done I mixed everything down to an MP3, put it in individual files in a folder, and I sent it off to an editor. At that point, the editor took the audio, edited out all the silence, we made sure that everything was at a certain volume and I tried to make sure I did that when I recorded too, by the way. Everything was at a certain volume and then what we did is before I actually went in to put a print book together, something that was written down that you could carry around with you and went through all of that, I wanted to say, “You know, I’ve got to make sure that this is actually something people would want to go through,” and so I wanted to test it.

I took all of the MP3’s that I had and I uploaded it to a service called Anchor.fm. Now, what Anchor.fm is, is pretty simple. It is a service that’s used, you upload audio like a podcast and it will publish out all of that audio in a very easy way. You can literally do it on your phone from their app on the fly and it will publish out your podcast and send it out to all the audio networks like iTunes, Stitcher, all the fun ones that are out there. That wasn’t what I wanted this for and I used Anchor.fm to do my podcast, the serial progress seeker podcast, make sure you go listen to that, by the way.

This time what I wanted to do is, I just wanted to host the audio and what’s nice about Anchor is it also gives you these cool little embedable files. I took those embedable files after we uploaded them and I uploaded them to a web page. I used ClickFunnels and I put together a ClickFunnels page with all the audio on it and that was my page. Now after that, what I did was is I put together, I put together a landing page that said, “Hey, this is the book, this is the audiobook, this is what’s inside it. Give me your email address if you want to go listen to it for free,” and that’s how we put this thing together. I’ll make sure you have a link so you can actually go see that entire funnel and see how we were giving the book away.

Now this is what’s so interesting. Two weeks in, we had thousands, and thousands, and thousands of listens from people that were going through this. Now if you want to sort of see how we used Facebook bots and ads, I’ve got another video that’s going to be coming out that walks you through that funnel as well, but we got thousands and thousands of people to listen to this. What was very interesting is there were several chapters in this book out of the nine, 10 chapters that really took off. That’s when I knew, “Okay, these my two key chapters. I need to market this more to the audience that’s out there.”

By the time I actually got to the point where I was going to send the audio off, this is the magic part by the way, I knew I had a winner. I knew I had a book that’s going to do well when we get the print version done so it’s worth spending the money and the time to go do it so here’s what we did. We took the audio, the same audio that we uploaded Anchor.fm. I sent the slides that I originally used to actually put this thing together so we had sort of a guide, a map, for the person that was going to do this.

I sent it off to a ghostwriter and the ghostwriter took everything that was in the audio, listened to all of it, took everything that was in the audio, took my step-by-step presentation as sort of a guide, and wrote out a book. After that, we sent it off to the editor and we got the book printed out and it’s ready to go. That’s the process, that’s how I put a book together without actually having to sit down and write a book. We put together a 10 slide presentation, wrote it out, and that’s the process.

I hope you enjoyed this walkthrough. My goal is to give you things that can help put you in the seven, eight figure per year range and do it in a way that you don’t have to be tied to a desk, you can do it all from a backpack anywhere in the world that you want to do it. If you want more stuff like this, do me a favor. Click the subscribe button below, then do yourself a favor, click the bell notification. What that’s going to do is it’s going to alert you right away any time I have a new video come out. All right, so hope you loved this. I hope it’s something you can go use right away. Let me know in the comments what you got coming. You have a book out, you got a book in your head that you might get out. Tell me about it. Tell me, “Hey, are you going to use this process?” I’d love to hear from you. All right, Ben Adkins here, and I will talk with you all on the next video.

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