#012 How I Structure Email Campaigns for Maximum Sales

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Do you do email marketing in your business? Despite a lot of changes in the online world, email continues to be one of the most profitable ways to make more money in business today. On this episode, Ben walks you through the very simple (but effective) way that he writes email campaigns.

Warning: This is a secret that is responsible for millions of dollars in revenue every year for our business. Listen and use this immediately.

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Email marketing is a super important part of what I do, and I have built a business that I can run from a backpack because I do email marketing. And so, for those of you that aren’t super familiar with email marketing; what I typically do is, every time someone buys from me, or every time somebody downloads something that I put together teaching something, they go onto an email list. And that email list has all of their names, all of their addresses. And what’s so cool is, anytime I’ve got something I wanna tell them about, I can type up one email and send it out in mass to all of the people that have signed up to a particular list.

That’s an art. It’s something that it’s taken me a long time to get, even, half-way good at and I still don’t consider myself great at it. But it’s something that’s built a business and built a life for myself, that allows me to go all over the world and to work from just about anywhere. Or, from my home, at my desk without having to put pants on. It’s something that’s been very powerful for me.

Let me tell ya, one of the things is super, super important that you understand before I get into how I structure emails to make money is; that you gotta understand, I have sent out an email almost every day to somebody on my list for probably the last five to seven years, okay, so I have written a lot of emails. I’m not someone that hires someone out to write all my emails, even though I do hire people out to write emails.

I’m someone that is very, very in the trenches with writing emails and so, if you like what I do and I’m about to teach you, cool. If you don’t, that’s cool too. But this is, sort of, my style and how I do it.

I’m gonna, sort of, set the stage of how this works. Let’s say that I’ve got an email list of people that are super into podcasting. Right? They wanna learn how to podcast and they downloaded something that I put together that was about, how you can get started doing podcasting fast. I’ll probably put that out, at some point, because I love podcasting and it’s cool. And if you know how to do it quickly … yeah … but anyway, let’s just say, they opt-in for that.

Now lets say, down the road I’ve got a pretty decent sized list of people that have opted in to get that. Well, at this point, now I want to put together a product that teaches them how to really do the podcasting stuff in a very, big way. So now that I’ve got that particular list of people, I’m going to create a product. Now, for those of you that have listened to some of my stuff before, you probably realize that most of the time I don’t do the product creation stuff until I’ve already sold the product.

What I’ll do is, I’ll decide here’s what the product’s gonna look like, but I’m gonna actually do it live after we sell it. I’ll sell it to people. We’ll put them on a webinar and we’ll teach them live. Most people like that ’cause they get to ask me questions directly, anyway. Let me walk you through how a promotion works.

Let’s say that we’re selling this podcasting course. And so, we’ve got a podcasting course we’re gonna be doing. I’ve not created it yet, but I’ve got the bullet points of what it’s supposed to be looking like. How do we actually sell it? Let’s say that I’m opening up the cart on a Friday … this is my standard thing, by the way. I like to run sales over the weekend when people are around, paying a little more attention than if they were going through their weekly routine. So we’ve got this course, we’re selling it, it opens up on Friday. Typically, I will open up a sale on a Friday at 11 AM Eastern. And the reason we do that is, it’s a good timing for a lot of our folks that are on our list. Now, every list is a little different, but … what I’m gonna do is, at the very least, I’m gonna start sending out emails to folks on my list on a Wednesday.

But more likely, I’m gonna start sending out emails on a Tuesday. So let me walk you through what each of those emails is all about and, sort of, an overview of the process. I’ve created, of course, a training in the past called, List Breakthrough, that teaches this stuff and if you wanna go find that somewhere, you can learn the super specifics of how I do this. But I’m just gonna give you a good overview and I think you can do a lot with just listening to what I’m gonna tell you right now, without having to buy anything. This process, I start on a Tuesday. Now, when I send out this email on a Tuesday; this is, sort of, a cold … they haven’t heard from me for a few days.

I’m gonna send out something that is going to, sort of, prove the concept, or introduce the concept. So when I open the door to an email campaign, the first email is always about addressing the problem they think they have. The people on the list, addressing the problem that they think they have. So most people, when they’re new to a problem and they’re new to solving a problem; they don’t really know what the problem is. Okay? They think they know what the problem is, but they don’t know what they don’t know. And until you really dig in and research something, you don’t know what the real problem is. You don’t know what’s actually holding you back from solving that problem.

Day one: what I’m gonna do on my subject line, I’m gonna have something that’s really, typically, trying to get in their head a little bit about this problem and how they think they should solve it, and why that’s probably BS. So what I’ll do is, in that first email I will address what they think is the problem and I’ll tell them I’m gonna solve it. And, typically, in that first email; I will walk them through the step-by-step of what the problem is they think they have and I’ll solve it, so a lot of people … in a podcasting world, I would think that a lot of people don’t know … at least, in the past, didn’t know how to get their podcast on iTunes without it being a hard thing.

So in this first email, I might open the door; how to get your podcast on iTunes in three days, something like that, whatever. And that’s not a real problem. That’s not like, the big hard problem in which you need to be focused on with podcasting. But for some people, it might be the problem. So I’d open up with that, now at the end of that email I would say, “Now this is pretty easy. I showed you how to do it today, but let me tell you what the real thing that you need to know how to do is.” And then, I start to address what the real problem … if they wanna be a podcaster, what the real problem is. And so, I’d open the door to that.

Now that we’ve done that, the next day is supposed to answer that problem. Now, if you’re really watching what I’m doing here; I’m adding value, I’m teaching things as I’m selling. So day two, I can go in … day two, this would be a Wednesday … Day two, I can solve the next problem, so I can help them walkthrough what that next problem is. Now that you know how to get on iTunes quick, here’s a problem you need to solve if you’re gonna be a podcaster. Okay? Now, at the end of that email, I’m gonna do the same thing. I’m gonna tell them, “Now that you know how to do this thing that I just showed you, and you know how to do the iTunes thing, you know how to do this thing, what’s the other problem you need to have? Pay attention, tomorrow I’m gonna walk you through it.”

Now, we’re leading them into the Thursday email. So Tuesday, Wednesday, not it’s Thursday. Thursday, I’m going to walk them through what the real problem is and give them broad strokes of how to solve it, but I’m going to hint at the end of this email that if you would like the detailed steps of how to solve this, the real detail of how to walk through all of those bullet points that I told you were the solution to this, that’s when I’m gonna open the course up tomorrow, and you can get into the podcasting course. We hint. We tell them we’ve got this many spots, we tell them what time it’s gonna launch; which, typically, for me is Friday at 11 AM Eastern and we open up the door.

Thursday is, sort of, this is the real problem, this is the big one, but I can teach it to you in an email. I can just teach you the bullet points. Let me get you on a webinar and teach you this. So we open the door up, we send them to the cart page, they buy.

That’s typically 11 AM Eastern. Around 4 o’clock on a Friday, I’m gonna go into my autoresponder and I am going to hit the button that sends out an email to everybody that didn’t open the email before. So I wanna hit all the people that didn’t open up the email that we sent at 11 … I’m gonna hit all those people again, just to give them a reminder. That helps me get the folks that are getting off work, things like that. So, we’re doing that.

Now, that’s that. We, typically, make a lot of sales on that first day because we’ve been building up, we’ve been adding value. Typically, on a Saturday … typically, I will add a bonus that’s gonna help them do something else. This is very relevant, so we’re gonna add that bonus. Okay? So, we make some sales there but that’s probably our least amount of sales day. On a Sunday, what I’m gonna do is; we’re gonna send out three emails. We’re gonna send out an email at noon, an email at about 6 o’clock, and an email about 9 o’clock. Now what these emails are designed to do is, they’re designed to help people get over the hump because we’re closing the cart down … closing up the sale at the end of that day. So we’re reminding people with each of those emails, hey, everything closes down tonight. You wanna get in now. And typically, we make just as many sales on a Sunday as we do the day the cart opened … like I said, sometimes if it’s not quite the same, it’s pretty darn close.

So, that’s the ball game. And if you’re really doing a count, we send out an email Tuesday. That’s one. Wednesday, that’s two. Thursday, that’s three. Friday, the first email is four. The ones that didn’t open, that’s five. Saturday, that’s six. And then, we send out three on emails to remind them that the sale is closing on the last day and that takes us to nine. So my typical email program that we’re doing to promote anything, is gonna be about nine emails. Seven to nine emails is, kind of, the sweet spot for when we’re actually sending the stuff out. And just to be 100% honest with you, this is, sort of, how we make our income week-in and week-out. If it’s not a new program that we’re doing, we’re using that same sequence to go back and sell something old.

Now, that’s the start of this but I also want to add in this little, extra thing for you ’cause I think this is super important that you realize, too. And this is, like I said, one of the things that allows me to travel, to be off work is the ability to run promotions that we’ve run in the past. Now, if you’re doing this and your writing a lot of emails and you’re selling a lot of products, what you’re gonna start figuring out is there’s certain ones that work better than others. Now this is what’s great, just because somebody doesn’t buy from you the first time, doesn’t mean they won’t buy the next time you run this. So for me, about every three months; I’m gonna take promotions that worked in the past, and I’m just gonna rerun those exact, same promotions and they work again.

Typically, if we did a promotion to the same, exact list … the same, exact list. Same people that bought three months ago, we’ll make about a third of the income the next time around on the exact, same list assuming we didn’t add anybody else. Now if we added other people to this email list, that number can be equal or above. So, I hope you enjoyed that one. Like I said, nothing long, nothing too fancy here but I wanted to, sort of, walk you through my process of writing emails to my lists and how we sell our stuff. And hopefully, whatever you happen to be selling, this helps you too.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode of the Serial Progress Seeker. My name’s Ben Adkins and I would love for you to do me a favor. If you liked this episode, do me a favor and click subscribe. That’s gonna notify you every time we come out with another episode and we’re giving out great information like this. I hope you think it’s great, anyway. Also, if there’s something specific that you liked about the podcast, do me a favor and leave us a review. That helps me out a ton because it let’s me know exactly where we’re doing the right thing. I have a lot of stuff to talk about, but I don’t know what you want to hear and those reviews help out a ton. Also, for show notes and for extras; behind-the-scene stuff that I didn’t reveal in an episode because it doesn’t really translate to audio, maybe, we’re gonna be posting that stuff up at serialprogressseeker.com, and you can get even more great stuff from us there.

All right. I hope you enjoyed this one. I’ll see you next time.

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