Episode #007 The Million Dollar Webinar (How it Happened)

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Webinars allow you to sell your products to lots of people at the same time. In this episode, Ben walks you through his webinar promotion process and the webinar strategy he used to make a million dollars in sales in just 7 days.

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Imagine that you have a business, and you are selling products, and these products are digital. For every product that you sell, you are making a nice percentage of income off of that product because it’s not a lot of cost to duplicate the product. It’s digital, so you can sell it typically as many times as you want. Now, that is my business. That’s my business now. That’s been my business for years now since I left the chiropractic clinic, but another part of the business that I do, which is this digital entrepreneur thing is affiliate promotions. Now, for those of you that don’t know what an affiliate promotion is, it’s basically someone else has a product, and they come to me, and they say, “Listen, we’ve got this product that’s great. We think it’s a good match for the people that are your customers. If you promote this product, then what we will do is we will give you a percentage of the sale.” Let’s say that I sell $1000 worth of product, they will give me $500 worth, so 50%, or it could be 25%. You can do the math yourself.

The trick is finding things that are a good match for your people, and finding good product creators that are going to take care of your people when you send them that way. This was the case a few years back. This is taking us back to 2014, 2015, around that time, and I put together a promotion for a product that was a million dollars in sales in about seven days. Now, I didn’t do this alone. It took a lot of different people. There was a partner that we partnered with because we were doing things together a lot at that point, so I partnered with someone, and then we partnered, both of us, with the person that was selling the product. Now, if you are the kind of person that’s out there selling products, and you’re selling products for commission, there’s a couple of key things that you have to put together to put together a million-dollar promotion, or million-dollar webinar, and I want to give you those because this is super important. This was a big thing that I looked for now. It was a big behind-the-scenes of how this whole thing worked.

The first thing is you need a product that has a good price tag on it. This particular product that we were selling was a $3000-product, so you could either buy it outright for $3000, or you can set up a payment plan to pay it over several months. The cool thing was this. When we made a sale, there was a decent amount of income coming through the door. Now, the other cool side of this is the amount of money that was coming through the door made it possible for this product to be great, this product to be something that’s customer service was wonderful on, they had an actual business model set up. The other side of it was is this was a product that had launched before, and I fully believe that this was a part of the whole puzzle here. This product’s been launched twice before, and this was the third time that the product was launching.

Now, something that was interesting about the way that this particular group of people did this launch was when they launched the product out, and they closed the launch, so they would leave the launch on for seven days, when they closed the launch, they absolutely would not let people in, so what happened was the first two launches that they did, people promoted, people got in, or they didn’t, then they closed the cart down. When they closed the cart down, you were out until the next time. This particular product, $3000, and it was set up really well because there was a lot of people in the past that weren’t able to get in because they were too late, or they didn’t have the money that time, or they weren’t prepared. This time, this product was coming out, and we had people ready to go.

Here’s the other key component of this that I think is super important that you realize about this particular product. It was $3.000. They had launched before, closed down, but this product was just about to hit what I call an industry wave, meaning there were so many things happening in my industry, which was online marketing at this point, which people were starting to open up their minds to this particular type of selling online, products. Just to give you behind the scenes, at this particular time, it was just starting to really come into vogue selling physical products on the internet, so of course, people have been selling physical products on the internet for a long time, selling cups, selling mugs, selling vegetable peelers, whatever it may be, but up until this point, it was in the hands of the big guys, you know, the big retailers and all of that, but it was about to change.

This particular product was helping people to sell the products that they bought from a retailer like someone in China, not necessarily retailer but it was … Basically, they were buying these things at a discount from a Chinese supplier, and then they were taking them over, branding them, and they were taking them to Amazon to sell them under their own brand. This is right around the time that Shopify was really starting to kick in for people, and they were able to build their own stores and sell digital products. It wasn’t just products from China by the way. People could buy things from manufacturers here in the United States or the United Kingdom, and then mark them up, and sell them too.

How all of this came together is this. We had this product, it had a good price tag on it. It had been pre-marketed really well, and we were hitting an industry wave. All of those things coming together now which you have to contend with is you’ve got a lot of people that are wanting to sell this particular product because it does have those things going for it. What we did was very interesting. A few months before this particular launch, we came in, and we did a big internal launch. My own company, not an affiliate product, we did an internal launch, and we sell the product for about 200 to $300, and it was in the same name. What happened was we had a lot of affiliates that were promoting for us, and this was a very successful product for us. We had a lot of new customers coming in because it really was just starting to hit, so we were setting the stage for this particular product.

Fast forward two, three months later, we sat down, and we start putting a webinar together. My partner and I in this promotion, they had already put together a webinar, they had promoted this in the past, they were the experts in this. We had never done anything quite like this, so we come in, we build a webinar. Now, the idea behind this webinar was I was going to show people how to use Amazon to sell their own products, so we went through, we did this probably … I think it was probably a three to five-day promotion for this webinar. What I mean by that is we had people on our list that had bought this product a few weeks back and people that had bought products from us in the past, and we just said, “Hey, we’re going to teach you how to do this cool thing on this webinar,” which we were going to teach them how to do something, and we did teach them how to do something on the webinar.

We get on this webinar, and we’ve been promoting it three or four days, and we put probably 500 to 1000 people onto a call. Now during the call, the call ended up lasting about an hour and a half, and that’s where I was teaching the stuff. I walked people through the process of how to pull everything off, how to sell on Amazon, and we really gave them a behind-the-scenes look at how all these stuff came together. Keep in mind, $3000 product or you could cut it up into a payment plan, it was either three-pay or six-pay, I can’t remember, something like that. I get to the end of the webinar, and I was not promoting through my own link, I was promoting through my partner’s link, so I couldn’t actually check stats, I had no idea, but I’m used to doing a webinar.

When I get done with a webinar, I’m used to selling a product at 200 to $300 to $500. I’ve done a lot more since, but at that point, 2, 3, $400, and we would typically make on a webinar, with our folks on our email list, we just pass customers, we would do 100, 200, or 300 sales. That’s amazing. That’s a great payday for any business, but what ends up happening is I get off of this webinar, and I reach out to the other person that had done the webinar that was our partner, we’d promoted through their link, and I said, “How’d we do?” They said, “You did 23 copies of this,” which was a disappointment to me. This is so silly because I’m not … You could just do the math that we were making so much more per sale that this was still really, really good.

We get off 23, 24 sales. It was between 20 and 30 sales. I can’t remember the exact numbers. We get off the sale, I’m a little disappointed, but that’s when the work really starts for me because what I’m trying to do at this point is I’m now trying to help anybody that’s trying to make a decision to buy this product, to put the product together. This is what we do. I didn’t let it set … This is what we did on the webinar, and we’re just going to do emails promoting the replay after that. What we did was at the end of the webinar, we put up the link, people bought, but I also put myself out to call people on the phone. Now, this is where the real hustle came in. I put out to call people on the phone, and so what happened was by the end of this phone call, not only did we have between 20 and 30 sales, but I had 20 to 30 phone calls right away to go make. We get out there, and I start making phone calls for the next couple of days.

Now, that’s the first half of the promotion. The next half is where my partner really came into play. This is someone that I consider an absolute genius when it comes to this stuff. My partner said, “what we’re going to do, we’re going to do a webinar, and in between, we’re going to do two case studies, and then we’re going to do another recap webinar.” This was what we were going to put together. Now, how these case studies work, and this is where the magic starts to come in if you’re paying attention, and you’re doing this stuff yourself, the recap sessions would be as we were coming to the end of the seven-day launch, but in between, we had these case study videos, and we had prepped these in advance.

What they did was they strengthened the webinar, but here’s what it was. We had someone that had been successful at the system that we were selling in the past, both of these people were successful, but one was the insanely successful person. Meaning, they were making $100,000 a month with this system, and then we had someone else that was just starting to become successful. They were making $10,000 a month with the system they were selling. Now, this was this system worked. It was something that was very powerful. I would not have pitched it had I not believed in it. What ended up happening was pretty simple. We get in, and the first case that it goes out, and we put this case study out, and it’s for the person that was doing the $10,000 a month, and it was a great interview.

It was an hour-long interview, in this particular interview, this person was walking through how they did what they did, and then, of course, in this interview, there was a link to the buy page, so we did some more sales from the phone calls, we did some more sales from sending out that video. We didn’t just send just to the webinar. We sent to things that strengthened the original webinar. From there, what we did was, a couple of days later, there was a video that came out where the person that was doing the $100,000 per month. Now, here’s the really interesting thing. Everybody else that we were competing against that was trying to sell the same product, they were all focused on promoting the person that was making tons of money, like the most successful case. The mistake here is that most people don’t identify with that person.

I was taken back to a formative set of years when I was watching TV, all right? I am a big basketball fan. There was an amount of time where the two biggest players in the NBA were Michael Jordan and Shaquille O’Neal. Whether you liked it or not, it was a lot harder to identify with Shaquille O’Neal because you just could never be Shaquille O’Neal. He was huge, he was just a freak of nature. He was amazing. Michael Jordan looked more like an average person, at least on TV. Shaq always looked big whether in person or on TV, but you can identify with Michael Jordan. Same thing, same concept here is the Batman, Superman thing. Superman has always been harder to identify with because he’s got special powers, right? Not everybody can be Superman. That was a freak-of-nature type thing. Batman was just a regular guy. You can identify with him.

This was the thing. Most people were promoting the Superman concept here, the Shaquille O’Neal concept of success. We were going in, we were promoting someone that was just starting to be successful. A lot of people identified with that. During this entire time, we’re emailing out to these case studies that support our main webinar. We’re getting on the phone, we’re calling people that have questions, we’re talking them through. Now, I’m going to tell you. Not everybody that I got on the phone with that I tell them to go buy this thing. Some people had situations where I said, “This is not for you, not right now. Wait,” but the people that it was a good fit for, we helped them make the decisions. We made more sales there.

We get down to the next recap webinar. We get on, we do a recap webinar. Everything that’s happening, we get on live. Finally, the very last day, they don’t have time to watch the original webinar. The whole time, they can go back and watch this original webinar. I’m sitting on emails, every time we add a new piece to the puzzle, we are adding another link in our emails to remind people, so every time we have a case study, there’s a new link to that, and I’m just [inaudible 00:14:08] these things up. The last day we get on, and we’re promoting a final ending party. Leading up to midnight that night, I said, “Anybody that has any questions about this, if you’re on the fence, this is going to be your last chance. They’re not going to let you in if you get in after, jump on the call.” We had about 40 people that jumped on this call, and that’s how we closed down the sales.

I’m going to tell you, by the time that this was all done, this million-dollar webinar, and all the supporting pieces of it, it was absolutely exhausting from the phone calls to everything that we did, but when all was said and done, when we ended up closing after seven days that night, I remember waking up the next morning and doing the total, and we had hit a million dollars in sales. That was over a seven-day period. What’s the takeaway here? The takeaway is you probably see a lot of people out there, if you’re doing anything with selling information online, a lot of people out there that are doing webinars.

They’re doing these live, or they seem like live sales promotions, but what you don’t see is the accessory pieces that go with something like this. When you have those accessory pieces and all of these things, and always another excuse to send out a message to people that might be interested, that’s when things really start to kick up. That’s the story. That’s the million-dollar webinar. Like I said, I hope that listening to this along the way, you got the pieces that made this particular product and this particular timing of the product special, but also all the things that we stacked up to make sure that we were putting our best foot forward and really doing a lot to sell this.

I’ll tell you what. To this day, I’m proud of that promotion just because of all the hard work that we put in, but also all the people that ended up getting helped, that bought the program. There’s the story, there’s the behind-the-scenes of the million-dollar webinar. I hope you enjoyed it. The reason that I included this into the Serial Progress Seeker podcast is because I thought this is something that’s really, really interesting to folks that are wanting to sell their stuff online, and webinars are such a big part of it, and why not show you what the top is, and something to strive for. Since then, we’ve done a lot of big things, and we’ve gone on to do much bigger things and better things, but this was the first time that I really understood the power of combining emails with webinars, with videos, and really putting all the pieces together to support one big webinar promotion.

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