Episode #005: How to Make 20k in 7 Days with your Email List.

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Most businesses have the email addresses of their past customers. The problem is that most businesses have no idea how to make money with those email addresses. In this episode, Ben walks you through how to put together a promotion to bring in 20k in the next 7 days with your email list.

Episode Transcription

A lot of my shows are from the ground up-type stuff, or stories about what sort of happened along the way. This one is for all of you that have a business and have an email list, and how you can really, really make a lot of money fast with that email list.

Now, I say email list, but you don’t really have to have an email list. You could also do this with a mailing list. It’s just going to be a little bit slower. The whole point of this is how you can pull off something pretty miraculous for the next seven days.

What I’d like for you to do is I really like for you to look at your existing customers, the people that have bought something from you in the past. Do you have their email address handy? If so, I want you to strongly consider putting them into an auto-responder. What an auto-responder is it’s something that is going to allow you to mass-email all of your existing customers out pretty much at once, and in a way that’s not going to get you in trouble with your internet service provider or anything like that.

Now these are customers. They have signed up pretty much to be let known when you’re doing something. You have to have a way to opt-out, which is what an auto-responder also does, is it gives them the ability to say, “Hey, don’t email me anymore,” and that’s important.

So wherever you happen to be listening, please, please, please, when you’re going through this, you have to pay attention to the laws of your country. I take no responsibility if you are doing something that’s against the law, but mass-emailing people out that are your existing customers typically is okay, as long as you’re following the key rules. Okay. [inaudible 00:01:37] clear out of the way.

Let’s talk about this. What can you do with a set of existing customers? This is the number one thing that most businesses, and I mean that, most businesses completely miss out on. Most businesses out there are super focused on getting new customers through the door, they’re not focused on getting their existing customers to come back in the door. If you’re a chiropractor, if you’re a dentist, if you are a lawyer, if you are anything under the sun that has clients, if you sell things online, you sell T-shirts, you sell digital products like I do, then this is a tactic that you absolutely need to go after.

This is how it works. How are you going to make $20,000 over the next seven days? This is, of course, something that is absolutely up to you in how you do this. You don’t have to make $20,000, but I want to kind of explain how you can pull this off. Maybe you can more, you can make less, depending on how you price this out, but we’re going to use $20,000 as our example.

So let’s talk about this. What I want you to do is I want you to look at the number $20,000 and I want you to divide that number by 100, so that’s 200. Let’s go back and let’s do that again. Let’s do $20,000. Let’s divide that by 200, and that’s 100. Interesting. Let’s go for $20,000 and let’s divide that by 300. So $20,000 divided by 300, what do you get? Get your calculators out? It’s about 66 people buy from you.

What I want you to do right now, whatever business you happen to be in, you may not have a $300 product that you can deliver easily, but I want you to start thinking about this very, very seriously. Because this is something that, once I started thinking about it, my life got a lot easier. It made me able to travel and do all kinds of things and make a lot of money while I was traveling.

If you’re a chiropractor, for instance, and this is just something that most chiropractors that I know feel very trapped because the only way they make money is when they’re in their practice. That’s why I left my practice is because I didn’t like that. So if you’re a chiropractor, let’s say that you come up with an online training program, an online training program that is going to help people to lose weight. So lose weight, and most chiropractors I know are very good at this because it’s just part of the lifestyle of being a chiropractor, and let’s say you could help them do that. Let’s say that you could record this in your office with your staff.

Let’s just get away for a bit. Let’s say that you can do some things in your office, 66 people isn’t that hard if you schedule up. Here’s what we’re going to do. I want you to take the list of all the folks that you’ve got, and I want you to think about putting together a product that you’re going to send out to all of them.

Here’s what we do. I typically have something that I am selling, and getting out of chiropractor mode, let’s get into digital marketing mode, too. When I’m selling a product, a lot of the times when I sell a product, I’ve not even created the product yet. Let me say that again. A lot of times, when I sell a product, a digital how-to product, I’ve not even created the product yet. It’s something that I know how to do, but it’s not something that I’ve actually put together yet in a teachable form. The reason is, is I don’t want to put together something in a teachable form, and I don’t know if it’s going to sell, so I typically sell the product before I’ve even created the product.

Let’s think about that. You got a list of people that are interested in health. Let’s say you’re a chiropractor again. You’ve got a list of people that are interested in health, they’re probably interested in improving themselves, and they’re interested in maybe doing it in more natural way. If you’re a chiropractor, that’s probably why they come to you. You’ve put together something that gives them the ability to lose weight, let’s say, and if you’re going to charge $300 for it, and you’re going to give them a bunch of stuff for about $300. So it may be your time, it may be your staff’s time, it may be something digital that you recorded in-house in the member’s area more like what I do, and it’s okay.

But what we’re going to do is we’re going to take that product, and we’re going to create it. But we’re not going to create it yet. Like I said, this is how I do it week in, week out with things that I know how to do that I know other people would like to know how to do, or I’m guessing they would like to know how to do.

What I do is this. I typically will say, “Here’s what you’re going to get,” and I write out five to 10 bullet points on what someone is going to get if they pay me $300. So $300, and I start putting together a list of emails to tell people, “Hey, we are going to be selling this thing. We’ve only got 100 spots or 50 spots or 66 spots,” in the case worth $300 example, “66 spots. What we’re going to do is on Friday, we’re opening up the doors and we’re going to sell it and this is the benefits.”

We list the 10 benefits. “This is why you might want to do it. This is perfect for people that are trying to lose that extra 20 to 30 pounds to get ready for summer, or to get ready for the New Year,” whatever it may be. Come up with an excuse as to why they might want it, and tell them, “This is a fit for you if you were this person. It’s not a fit for you if you’re this person.” I typically spend about two to three days sending out emails that kind of look like that to my list of people that I’ve got.

On the day of, we list those things. I don’t really get too fancy with sales pages these days. Sometimes we do, sometimes we don’t. Most of the time, we don’t. I’ll send them to a place where they can put in their credit card information, and it reconfirms the 10 things that we’re going to teach them.

Think about this. With the list you’ve got, you don’t even have to have the product done yet. You don’t even have to, right, because [inaudible 00:07:31]. If this doesn’t work out, you sell two or three spots, just refund those people. It’s not that hard. But you go in and you take your list. Let’s say you’ve seen a thousand people over the years, the last few years, and you send out this promotion to them. Let’s say it’s a $300 product. Let’s say you don’t do as well. You don’t hit your 66 $300 spots. Let’s say that you just end up selling 20, so 20 and 300. It’s still $6,000 coming in that you didn’t have coming in. It’s not a bad number, right?

Let’s say that we end up selling all 66 of our $300 programs. You’d add in that. Here’s how it works. We open up the carts on a certain day, so we’ll do two or three days of email promotion, just telling them what’s coming, telling them to get ready. We’re going to close down if we sell these spots, give them the benefits, tell them who it’s for. We do that for two or three days, we open up the cart.

Then, over the next couple days, what I typically do is I say, okay, these folks got in, we’re going to run out of spots, we’re also adding in this bonus. Everybody that jumps in is also going to get this awesome T-shirt. It doesn’t have to be a big bonus, just something extra on top of it. If you’re charging $300, you got money to buy everybody a T-shirt, so we add that into the mix. Then, we add bonuses every day as well, so I’ll email them every day for the next two to three days.

After that, we do about three emails the last day. So the last day I’ll say, “We’re getting close. We’re close to selling out, but we’re closing it down one way or the other tonight at this time,” and that’s it. That last day you’ll sell almost just as much as the day when you open the cart up.

Listen, there’s nothing revolutionary about what I’m telling you here. The thing that sort of gets in people’s way is they don’t do this, they maybe know that they can hit up their customer list, they can hit their past customers up and put a cool offer in front of them and they’ll do something. But if you focus, build up to the opening of the sale, you do the sale and you add in a few bonuses every day after the sale opens, and you close with a lot of emails the last day, even if you have no clue how you do it … I have it down to a science. I have a certain email, a certain way we build emails that do it really well for us now. But even if you messed this up, you’re going to do well because you’ve got customers that already like you. They just don’t have an opportunity to come back in, so this is what you do.

There you go. Like I said, nothing fancy here, but what I wanted to do today on this version of the Serial Progress Seeker podcast is give you a kick in the pants to go do this. I can almost guarantee you if you go do this, you’re going to be successful because you’re trying to sell something to people that already love you, not to people that don’t know who you are.

I have businesses that have been ready to go under because they just can’t afford marketing to get new people through the door. We ran one of these campaigns for them and it instantly turns their business around. Then, they start doing it on a regular basis with new kinds of products, new kinds of offerings, or the same products just at a different time, and we have great, great results.

So if you’re not doing email marketing, if you’re not doing that in your business, if you’re not doing it … Maybe you’ve got an online business and email marketing is your main thing that you’re doing right now, what I want you to do is I want you to start thinking about, hey, how could I sell a product that I’ve not created yet, and really gauge for interest? How could I sell that out? Maybe you’re sitting there right now, thinking, “I’ve only ever sold something for $7, seven to 10 bucks, and with some upsells behind it.” My advice to you is this: Try it. Go out and try a $300 to $500 product, put it up in front of your audience, put it up in front of your customers and see what happens.

I’m just going to give you a real quick story. Where I knew this was something that was powerful that anybody could do is I once sold a product and it was $3. It was a $3 thing, people bought it for three bucks, it was under-10. By the time we closed the thing down, I think the price went up a little bit. But a few days after we sold that product, literally, it ended up being maybe a week to two weeks after we sold that $3 product, I ended up selling a $2,000 product and I had like five, six people buy it right away.

The point I’m trying to make is this: You don’t know until you try it. You don’t know what your customers want until you start putting things out there. If you don’t have to create the product beforehand, it’s an easy thing to do. How I normally do it for my digital products folks is literally I will do most of my products live on a webinar. So I set a date, I let them know we’re doing it then, and that’s when I go teach it. I don’t even have to create a product anymore before we actually sell it. I’m always just fulfilling what we’ve already sold.

That’s the ballgame. Keeping it short, keeping it sweet on this edition. This is something that’s been superpowerful for me in my own business over the last few years. This is how you can easily make $20,000 the next seven days if you have a list.

If you’re enjoying the Serial Progress Seeker podcast, do me a quick favor. Jump over and click the Subscribe button. That’s going to let you know every time we have a new episode coming out, also if you dig it and you want to tell me something specific. I would love to hear something specific that you liked about the show, something that has helped you or given you some inspiration in your own business. Do me a favor and leave us a review and let me know. That is a great way. You could also jump over to serialprogressseeker.com for all the show notes and all the good stuff that we’ve add in as extras to the show.

All right. I’m Ben Adkins. I appreciate your being here, I appreciate you listening, and I’ll talk to you next time.

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