Episode #004 How to Create a $500 Training Program in 24 hours.

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One of the secrets to my success as a Digital Entrepreneur has been the ability to create high quality content quickly. On this episode I’m going to show you how I trick myself into doing it every week (and how you can do it too).

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Most people that I know that are good at something and they want to try to sell it online never actually get there or they don’t make enough money to make the whole thing work. The reason is because it takes forever for them to get good content out the door so that people can buy it from them. This is something that along the way I had to get really good at even though I’m a giant procrastinator. On this episode of Serial Progress Seeker podcast, episode number four, we’re going to talk about how you can create a $500 training program in 24 hours, alright? Let’s do it.

100% upfront with you, I’m literally one of the biggest procrastinators on the planet. It is an absolute dysfunction for me and it gets in the way of a lot of things in my life. However, a lot of people out there see the pure volume of content that we put out whether it be a blog post, podcast or actual paid products that are very high-quality and very in-depth. They wonder how we get so much done. Like there must be some sort of special system.

The whole point of this particular episode is how to create a $500 training program in 24 hours. Let’s just say that you’re good at something. You’re skilled at something. Maybe you went to school for it. Maybe you’ve been practicing for a very long time, but you’re good at something and you want to turn it into something that you can charge money for.

Well, most people spend three to six months creating something praying that it actually turns an income. I typically get my training programs out from the time that it takes to have an idea about them to done in a week. It’s because we can create a really robust training program that teaches people really good stuff in about 24 hours. Now, how the heck do I do that?

Well, as I said, it’s because my dysfunction of being a procrastinator is just absolutely trounced by my dysfunction of never wanting to let anybody down. This is an interesting thing and you can actually use this to to your advantage too. I’ll explain the whole how to create the program in just a second, but I want to walk you through sort of how I beat procrastination.

One of the key things that I’ve discovered about myself is that I have a really tough time with letting people down if they depend on me. That takes care of everything else. I will not go do something for myself, but if it’s someone else is depending on, I just can’t let them down. It’s really hard for me.

I started using this and I started saying, “Okay, how can I use that to get over my procrastination and getting a job done and getting something done?” This is what I started to figure out. I started to figure out that if I told someone that I was going to have something done on Tuesday that I would actually get it done on Tuesday. Even if it was done at the very last minute, I would always meet the deadline and it was because I just could not bear for someone to be let down expecting something for me.

That’s sort of the base of what I’m going to be teaching you about here. Hopefully, you can take that and use it, because I think that’s even more valuable than me teaching you what I’m about to teach. How do you hack your brain in doing things.

What I mean by that is this. I figured out if I had one person that was depending on me that it absolutely motivated me to get something done. If I had 10 or 100 people depending on me to get something done, it really motivated me and even more if those people had paid me in advance. That was the secret. That’s the thing that gets me super motivated to make sure I’m never letting anybody down, because they’ve actually put money on me.

How do you use this to your advantage? Well, it takes practice, number one, but what I’m about to walk you through is seriously how I’ve created a monster business with a very small list of people that actually buy from me. I think a lot of people see our income and what we bring in every month and they think I’ve got this giant list of past customers.

We don’t have a a super small list, but we definitely don’t have a big list like a lot of folks out there, so how the heck do we do it? How do I make more money than some of the people that have hundreds of thousands of people on their list or email list or their mailing list, how do I beat them out? It’s just because we can take a concept and get it out fast.

A little while back, I was watching a documentary about South Park. For those of you that are South Park fans, maybe you’ve seen this. For those of you that are not, you don’t have any perspective of what this is. South Park is very unique in that for most shows that are done that way or most cartoons especially where it has to be animated, voice work has to be done, it literally has to all be shot before the season even starts.

Most shows, especially animated ones are shot in a set. They balk everything up and then the episodes air one after the other week after week. It can’t be really topical. If something happens that week or the week before, you can’t be topical on the show because it was all done way before hand.

Now, South Park is different. South Park is topical to the week. If you could actually go back to a certain date that South Park aired, look at the news before that week and you could draw comparisons, because they’re actually commenting on things that were happening. The only reason that they can do this is because every week they’re able to move quickly enough to shoot the episode of that week. That’s how nimble they are as a company even though they’ve gotten very big.

That’s how my company works too. When we learned how to do something and we get results with something. Let’s say that I’m working with a chiropractor and I’m doing their marketing and I get results for them. Very quickly, I can turn around and teach that to other people that want to help chiropractors. I can get a program mapped and done within 24 hours.

I want to walk you through that process of how I do it. Once I discovered this, it actually changed the way that I made money on the Internet, because I was able to take advantage of being very nimble and to make money off things that we just learned when it took people weeks to get their programs out on the same thing. This is how it sort of works for me.

I was very, very bad at cutting a training program. Most people when they actually have something that they’re good at and they want to cut the training program, they will sit down and they will start cutting videos. Or they will sit down and start writing. They’ll start writing the chapters or they’ll start cutting the videos and as they’re doing it, they’ll think, “Okay, I’ve got to add this and add this.” There’s really no rhyme or reason to it.

What ends up happening is it takes, at the very least, two weeks to get this thing done, polished and into a member’s area. Then they have to write sales copy. Then they have to go in and do all this other stuff. It takes people a very long time. The way I do it is this. When we get a result, so let’s say I’m doing something and then I want to go teach people how to do what we just did. What I typically do is I don’t create any training beforehand. I typically start with the five big bullet points.

What are the five big things that I want to teach within a training program and what is the big take away? What’s the one thing that people want to know? For instance, this week, I’ve got this program that we’re selling called the clients from interviews. We’re teaching people how to get clients, local businesses to sign up with them if they’re doing a digital service. We’re teaching them how to use interviews to get clients so they can bus pass the gatekeeper.

This is something that’s been working for us for a long time, but I’ve never done a training. This week, I decided I want to do a training. The main thing that we’re teaching is how to get new clients. How to get new clients for your agency. The key here is what are the five pieces that go into that. I map out the five pieces.

Now, what I typically do is I don’t write a sales letter, which is something I used to do and took me a while. I don’t typically write a sales letter. I will typically write two emails that lead into a sale and then the day of the sale, I’ll write an email that tells people what they’re going to get. It’s like a mini sales letter in their email and then it leads them straight to a buy page.

Now, what are they being led to? When we sell a product, what happens a lot of time is we are selling bullet points. I am selling the bullet points of what this course is going to be. The course is not done. The webinar is typically not done. I’m literally selling what I wrote in the emails. I have a good idea. We’ve gotten success with something before. It’s not like we’re just making this stuff up. I don’t have it crafted into a course. There are plenty of people that are good at a lot of things, but it takes them forever to put it down into a way that they can teach other people.

Now, the way that we do it, if I had to sit down and do videos and, of course, it would take me forever. I will go sell something and immediately when they end up buying this thing, they are taken to a page that says, “Thanks for your purchase. Now, signup for a webinar.” This was the secret for me. This is the key for me.

I figured out that if I was rocking out a webinar, so rocking out a webinar and I had a deadline of when I had that webinar done, then I would get it done by that time. Typically, what I’ll do is I’ll open up a sale on a Friday, we’ll sell it through Monday and then on Tuesday, we’ll do the webinar. The webinar is typically broken up into five parts. An intro, and then five parts actually teaching a process of how to do something.

What we’ll do is I’ll start selling it. While we’re selling it, I’ll actually create a PowerPoint and then I’ll show up for the webinar and give the course live. What happens is, is it’s a benefit to the people that are buying it, because they get to ask questions on the fly. They’re not just watching videos. They get to actually be an active part of the course and it helps me because a lot of the questions that these people ask make the course a lot better than it would be had I just guessed what they wanted to know.

The other thing that’s really cool is we get paid a lot more typically because they get live time with me there in the beginning. Here’s what’s super interesting. Most people when they launch a course, they launch it and they have a big hubbub about what’s in the course and they close the launch down, it’s over. What we do is when the webinar is over, we’ll take that recording which can be anywhere from an hour to three hours. We’ll cut it up into those parts and then we’ll turn it into a training that you can watch later on.

Now, what ends up happening with this is I’ve tricked myself, because if I had to plan a five-part course out, it would take me weeks because I’d procrastinate, procrastinate, procrastinate, but we end up selling it to the people that have bought from us before and for people that buy through a link on Facebook or whatever. Then it is like a deadline for me. I have to get it done by that date. I will literally freak out until I get that done, until I get it delivered and until it’s uploaded into the members’ area.

Sort of the system that we’ve got now is we’ll go in and on a Wednesday, we’ll send out an email leading into what we’re doing. We’ll send out one on Thursday leading into what we’re doing. We’ll open up the sale on Friday. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, we’ll leave the sale open. We’ll close the sale down, go do the training live. Live on a webinar.

In the next 24 hours, my team and Ashton is the person on my team that does the majority of this. Ashton will break this stuff up, cut the videos so that it’s in a logical progression so that you’re not just watching one big huge webinar. You’re watching pieces of it. Then she’ll uploaded it to the members’ area. Then 24 hours later, we’ll send out an email to the people that were on the webinar or people that miss the webinar and will say it’s live in the members’ area. You can go check it out now.

This is something that obviously took me a little bit of time to get really good at. This is not something that if you’ve never done this before that you could probably go do perfectly right away. Listen, I’ve never done it perfectly either, so don’t worry about that.

What I would suggest too and if you’ve never done anything like this before, what I want you to do is this. I want you to get, even if you don’t have any customers right now, I want you to get a friend. I want you to tell that friend, “I’m going to teach you how to create an awesome Facebook graphic in Photoshop.”

Let’s say that, that was your product is how to create great Facebook graphics in Photoshop and say, “If you’ll do me a favor, I want you to show up on this date, on this webinar. I’ll give you a link and I’m going to teach you live on the call and build a presentation with PowerPoint or a keynote, whatever you happen to be using.” Literally, step-by-step walk them through the process of how to actually do that. You will force yourself, because they’re depending on you. You will force yourself to actually put together a course in a logical fashion to actually do that.

What I’m going to do is this, because I really want you to see how we pull this off and how it’s all done. I am going to let you inside of a course where we’ve done this. If you go to SerialProgressSeeker.com, I am going to open up a course for you. This was actually not me sitting in a computer doing a webinar. This was actually me speaking live in an event, but it was done the same way. I had to speak in an event. I had cut it up into pieces and then I did it live and then we turned it into a course.

I’m going to let you in on this course. It’s called, “Why your next 90 days matters.” It’s kind of a blueprint that I did live from stage on how to build an information business. What I really want you to do is I want you to go through the course and look at how it was done on the fly. Even if you’re doing something on the fly, you’re not good at it, it’s good enough to start, and so that’s the key.

How do I create $500 training programs in 24 hours? Simple. I force myself to be accountable and the accountability actually beats out my need to procrastinate. This scares the crap out of most people the first time I teach them how to do this, because they think, “I’m going to be on-the-fly. If they have questions, I don’t know how to answer. Oh my God.” Don’t worry. That’s what it’s supposed to feel like. It’s supposed to be on the fly. It’s supposed to be scary the first time you do it, but what’s so great is you will start to get things done at a pace that blows you away.

If you’re someone out there right now who has a skill and you’ve maybe been launching products before or maybe you’ve never launched a product before, what I want you to do is I want you to teach me how to do what you’re good at, but do it in a way where you are forcing yourself to do the entire training in one day, because this is the big secret. A guy named Jason Fladlien taught me this a long time ago when he was teaching people how to create products. If you don’t know who Jason Fladlien is, go check this guy out, because he’s an absolute online marketing and product creation genius.

He said, “If you don’t get it done in one day, you’re probably not going to get it done.” He was talking about writing PDFs, writing down your expertise in a book or a small book or PDF, something like that, but it really resonated with me. The reason it resonated with me is because I think Jason is just as much of a procrastinator as I am, but he’s also one of the most prolific webinar and product creators that I know on the planet, because he does this. He sat down, he gives himself two to three hours and the whole product has to be finished in that amount of time.

No, I can’t do that on my own. I’m not disciplined enough still to this day to sit down and actually just write something or cut videos during that period of time. What I have to do is I have to do everything live. If I do it live, I have to polish my presentation enough that when I get to doing it live, that it’s going to be okay.

Just to be honest, half the time, I just have a presentation in front of me actually that guides me through the things that I’m already skilled at, so I have talking points. Or I have a browser open in front of me and the presentation will queue me to jump over to the browser and walk people through what I’m doing inside of the browser live, but that’s the key.

Here’s the beautiful thing. Once you get done with the training, and I’ve absolutely screwed this up before. Do it. You’re going to screw it up probably the first time. That’s okay, but once you get done, you can actually go back and replace the videos with just cutting a video. You can turn on your phone and cut yourself talking that way or you can cut a video of what your screen looks like. You can replace the videos that need to be replaced.

There’s plenty of times where I’ve cut a live training and something wasn’t quite right when I did it live, so I went back and cut a video to replace just that one part, but either way, it gets done. This is what’s so funny about it. Even when I have to go back and replace a video, it’s driving me crazy that there’s something in the members’ area that people are looking at that is not what I want it to be, so I can go back and replace it then and I actually am motivated to go do it.

This is not going to be something that’s for everybody. If you’ve never created a training program before, if you’re not there yet, this may be a little advanced for you, don’t worry, we’ll have some stuff to help you get through sort of the starting point a little later at Serial Progress Seeker blog, so I’ll make sure that we’ve got that.

In the show notes, like I said, what I want you to do is I want you to jump over, SerialProgressSeeker.com, look for show number four and I’m going to have a link to a course. It was a live course that we’ve got that you can go check it out. You can see how I took something that was one presentation, gave it once, cut it up into pieces. That’s how we do it.

That’s how I do it when I’m sitting behind a microphone and a laptop whether I’d be in at my house or I’m giving the training from a hotel room, that’s how we do it now is I put it on my calendar, I sell it before I do it. I’m basically selling bullet points. This is what I’m going to teach you and here’s the 5 to 10 things I’m going to teach you.

After we start selling it, I start to create the presentation and polish that up. By the time we get to the live webinar, I’m ready to give the live webinar. When the live webinar is done, my staff takes the recording, cuts it into pieces, puts it in the members’ area. That’s how in about 24 hours I can go from nothing to something.

Now, you’ve said that you could probably … Pay attention, there were several days here in the process, but the actual training, putting the presentation together, a lot of times it’s actually done the day before. Listen, I’ve got a lot of practice at this, but you can do it too. If you’re skilled at something you already know how to do something, you’ve just not taken the time to break down the steps.

That’s what I also challenged you to do. I want you to sit down and say, “Okay, I’m good at shooting free throws. Here are the five things that I always do every time I shoot a free throw.” Break that process down. Or, “I’m good at writing books.” Or, “I’m good at helping people with their headaches.” I want you to sit down and break down what you do to help someone with that.

Then pretty quickly, you’re going to realize you have a training program, something you could train someone to do on their own or at home. I think that’s a super powerful thing. That’s my challenge. I want you to think about this. What is it that you could sell to your audience right now that’s not done, put them into a webinar that’s scheduled for later date and then go deliver it live.

Or if you don’t have an audience yet, you don’t have a list to mail, my challenge to you is this. Get three friends to show up for a live training that you’re doing online. Use Zoom, use GoToWebinar, use whatever you want to do to do this, but challenge yourself to have something on the calendar. That’s the secret for me. I live and die by a calendar and being accountable to people for what I told them I was going to deliver.

All right, that’s it. That’s a secret. Like I said, it’s a little different than maybe what you thought this podcast was going to be this time of how to create a $500 training program in 24 hours. Listen, there’s plenty of courses out there to teach you the mechanics and the technical part, but none of that crap matters if you can’t wrap your brain around actually getting it done and getting out of procrastination mode. Hopefuly that helps.

All right. I hope you enjoyed this. I’m going to let this set with you. Jump over to Serial Progress Seeker. Check out the show notes and I’ll have some links to the courses that you can go see that. You can see how we laid out the members’ area. You can do all that cool stuff.

Also, I want you to do me a favor. If you’re digging this podcast, leave me a review. Subscribe so that you’ll be notified every time we come out with a new podcast. We have lots of cool stuff like this. Hey, jump in, tell me what you think in iTunes or wherever you happen to be listening. Tell me in the review section and I would greatly, greatly appreciate that. Thanks again for listening. My name is Dr. Ben Adkins. Thanks for listening to this episode of Serial Progress Seeker. I’ll see you next time.

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  1. Wow! Major light bulbs going off!

    Great stuff Dr. Ben! Just what I needed to actually quit f’ing around and get it done!!

    1. benadkins says:

      Love it buddy!
      Glad you liked it!

  2. Vissva says:

    Where can i get all those courses and products you have in your Semcart?
    They look amazing !

    Thank you

    1. benadkins says:

      (store coming soon)

  3. David Williams says:

    I like your thoughts on getting things done… even if you are like me that puts things off… over and over again ! You gave me a great solution!

    And while I am at it… don’t you have a post somewhere about interviewing business owners to get your foot in the door?

    1. benadkins says:

      I actually just put out a course on this very thing called “Clients from Interviews”

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