Episode #002 What you must have to build a “Passion Business”

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What does it really take to make money with your Passion? How the heck do you even know if it’s possible? What tools do you need to make it work? Can you really do this?
We answer all of those questions and more on today’s Serial Progress Seeker.

Episode Transcription

Imagine that instead of going to work and doing a job for money so that you can afford to live and do other fun things that you do, imagine instead of that, that you got paid for doing all the fun stuff that you do on the weekends, or after you get off work.

Well, that’s what I started to experience in late 2010, and have been living that life style ever since. And on this particular episode of the Serial Progress Seeker podcast, I’d like to walk you through exactly how you can run a passion based business, all right? Let’s do it.

You’re listening to the Serial Progress Seeker podcast. My name’s Doctor Ben Adkins, and I wanna take you behind the scenes and show you how I built a multi million dollar digital internet business, and how I’m turning that entire business into something I can take with me anywhere, inside of a back pack. Let’s get started with the show.

So, building a passion business. This is something that a lot of people think is a nice idea, but it’s something that they don’t think that they could have, because the things that they’re interested in don’t pay.

And that’s the number one thing that I hear about. So, we’ll talk about that, but before we do that, I just wanna give you a real quick recap of how I got into my passion business.

So, I somehow have always been interested in marketing. Although, I didn’t really understand that when I first got into marketing. One of my big things was, when I was in college and high school, I was really into playing music, and I was in bands, I mean, really crappy rock bands, let’s just be honest.

But, I was in bands and I really loved the concept of playing music with people and performing. And, at the time I didn’t realize we probably weren’t the best band in the world, but we got a lot of really big gigs. So, I got to open for a lot of national touring acts, and I just thought it was because we were good musicians playing great music.

But, it wasn’t. It was because we were actually really good marketers, and we knew how to get ourselves in position to, you know, get on all kinds of great big shows, and that was our talent. And I sort of lost that as I went on to become a chiropractor, but it came back as I sort of had my chiropractic practice.

I was in a town full of chiropractors, and really good chiropractors, too. I was really lucky to have a lot of great competitors around me that were great at what they did, but we grew our practice very quickly because of marketing.

And, so, that was my passion, and I really liked talking about that too, and that started to come out really quickly. As I was growing my practice, I had other businesses that were asking me for help, and I really enjoyed helping these businesses with their marketing, but also I figured out that I really enjoyed just talking about it.

And so I got into my passion business, which is what I do now, which is, I sell information about marketing yourself on the internet. And I sell that to people who are looking to grow their businesses, and that’s one of my core businesses.

Now, I have other businesses, too, but, for instance, one of my main things that I do is a master mind group called Closer’s Café, we teach people how to go in and help small businesses by providing marketing services.

So, that’s one of my core teaching platforms that I stand on. Now, how I got into that was just a passion, okay? Now, you may be thinking that, you know, I don’t really know what my passion is, I don’t know what I’m passionate about, I get up and I go to work, or I go to school, and you know, from there, so, I don’t really know what it is that I do.

And I know that may seem silly to some of you, but how do you find your passion? So what’s your passion and how do you find it?

Well, one of the things that I discovered along the way, is my passions are just the things that I enjoy doing that don’t make any money. And they really have no shot at making money, and that’s the first thought in your head. You gotta be thinking, well how can I turn that into something that I turn into a business?

But that’s the thing. You have to really think about your passion in a way of, I would be doing this in my spare time. I would be doing this, you know, if I didn’t have any other path. This is just something I dig.

And so, what you have to sort of do, is what do you do in your spare time? What would you like to do in your spare time that you don’t think it would matter if you made any money with it or not? And I support, I have a lot of people that go after things, they think money’s there.

And then they kind of burn out on it, and it’s just something they don’t really enjoy. So, with me, it was always something of, hey, what’s the thing that you would do whether or not the money was there?

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  • Active Campaign

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3 comments on Episode #002 What you must have to build a “Passion Business”

  1. Peter Polorotoff says:

    As silly as this sounds, I’m having a hard time deciding what ‘passion’ to pursue on this!
    I don’t have an out-and-out ‘hobby’, but I do know I enjoy helping people.
    I’m thinking this will be in the sales or leadership space (as this is my expertise), and I can’t think of anything else!
    Loving the details, particularly for newbies to online business like me.

    1. benadkins says:

      Hey Peter!
      Glad you’re digging the content and thank you for the comment!

      I can help you with the “choosing a passion” thing.

      Here’s what you do:
      1) Take 20 minutes and write down 3-5 things you might like to focus on.
      2) Take another 20 minutes and write down exactly who you’d be talking to for each (your avatar)
      GET SPECIFIC ON THIS. Act like you’re talking to one person.
      3) Take another 20 minutes and write down the first thing you’d sell to these folks.
      4) Set a deadline on your phone for 5 days from the time that you’re done with 1-3. You have to pick one by that date and get started.

      Do the above and get started…
      You can only build an empire if you lay that first brick.

      Keep me posted buddy.
      Rooting for you.

      1. Peter Polorotoff says:

        Ok so I’ve done this exercise and have gotten clarity!
        So my focus will specifically be on frontline managers, and the ‘product’ I thought of was a free PDF ‘how to win over any new team and get effective results immediately’ – to build my email list. And then use this list to market an offer… though not sure what I’d ‘sell’ to them. Maybe a webinar?
        Unless you think my free PDF could be something to sell straight away?

        I think I’m on the right track with this?

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