Clients through Email (How 2 cold emails convinced me to spend $18k on a service.)

how to get clients through email

We’re all looking for better ways to sell our products and services. Ever since I got heavily involved in marketing my Chiropractic practice via the Internet back in 2010, I’ve become obsessive over all the various ways that people build their business using the medium. One of the things that I’ve been especially obsessed with is how businesses get clients through email.

As the owner of a few successful online businesses, I am constantly being pitched by other business owners who are trying to get us to become a client. That comes with some very cool advantages for a “marketing nerd” like me. In short… I get my eyes on some very clever (and a ton of not so clever) sales funnels.

Today, I want to tell you about a particular client acquisition strategy that blew me away with how effective it was.

This strategy convinced me to sign up for a $1500/month service (which will end up costing me around $18,000 this year). The best part is that all of this was accomplished with 2 simple emails (and some clever research before those emails were sent).

After you’re done reading this post, you’ll understand the exact strategy that was used to turn me into a client and how you can implement this strategy in your business starting this week.

Let’s dig in…

First… What exactly am I calling a “cold email”?

can you get clients with email?

Too many times, I hear people refer to “cold email” and it’s not actually that at all.

For the purposes of this case study and post, I am defining “cold email” as an email from a person who I do not know and that I have no prior relationship with. I did not know of this person beforehand and did not request that this person send me email about their company or offer.

And in the above definition lies the reason that the “clients from email” strategy is so damned impressive. This person is literally going to make $18k from my company this year because they did a little research and reached out via email.

Is “Cold Email” considered Spam?

One of the questions that I’m going to get when people read this article is “was this person spamming your inbox” and “is that legal for me to do”?

In short… will you get in trouble doing this?

The Answer:
Most of the current spam laws are in place to protect individuals. Businesses who are contacting other businesses don’t follow the same rules. In this case, the messages that I received aren’t spam because this person is using my publicly posted business email address to contact me about an opportunity for my business.

In short, business to business “cold email” is okay, even though I didn’t request information from this person.

Required “I am not a Lawyer” disclaimer.
Make sure you understand your countries email spam laws. I am not a lawyer and I don’t play one on the internet. You shouldn’t base your business on what I tell you when it comes to legal matters.

With all that out of the way, let’s dive into the method.

The core secret behind why this email campaign worked on me (and how you can use it to get clients through email).

using cold email to get clients

I don’t believe you can just send one stock email message to thousands of business owners and get a good response. The world has become too crowded with people trying to get our attention and it just doesn’t work that way anymore (and it hasn’t for some time).

The secret to this campaign lies in the research that was done beforehand.

Not only do I belong to a group of people that is ideally suited for the service that was being pitched (successful online business owners who also have a podcast)… I am also part of a group of people who have a special “link” that can be leveraged.

This special “link” is what got me to pay attention to the cold emails in the first place. This “link” is the crux of the entire strategy and the core thing you need to pay attention to when you read the emails below.

So What is that special “link”?
These emails effectively leveraged a relationship that I had already made.

When you read the emails below, pay special attention to how this person leveraged specifics about something that I had already done in my business and the relationship that I had with a particular podcast that I had appeared on.

The big secret:
This person made me feel like they were a true fan of mine and that they were really paying attention.

The other important secret:
The service this person is offering is something that my company actually needs. The genius behind the targeting of these emails is that he’s emailing people who are very likely to need his services.

The 2 cold emails I was sent.

2 cold emails that get clients

I have to make a confession.
The first email that you see below didn’t do anything (at first) to convince me that this person’s service was something that I needed to sign up for. I literally read the email, closed it, and moved on with my life. This email was essential, however. When I read the second email, I immediately remembered the first email and put together that I had heard from this person before.

It’s important to note the time that elapsed between when these emails were sent. It was 2 days. I received one and quickly moved on, and then I got the next one 2 days later.

While the first email didn’t do much to convince me to buy on it’s own, it was essential to the entire process working. If email #1 had included all of the information that email #2 contained, it would have been awkward.

The first email gives the second email permission to say more.

This is the power of following up correctly (even when you don’t get any kind of response during your first attempt).

With that said, let’s take a look at email #1.

Email #1: The Attention Grabber

cold email templates

The above literally had 4 paragraphs. That is incredibly important because it was short enough that I read all of it. An email any bigger than this from someone that I don’t know would never get read. I would look at the email at a glance and my brain would say “nope!”. This was the perfect length as an opener.

Not only was the length good, but this person covered a ton of ground in those 4 short paragraphs.

The core secrets behind email #1:

    A very enticing subject line.
    “This is how I know you” in the first paragraph. He let me know that he found me because I was a guest on a podcast that he liked.
    Very cleverly showing me that his service is something that someone I respect is already doing in the second paragraph (even though he’s probably not doing it himself). The guys who hosted me on their podcast are already doing what he’s about to pitch me (and he knows I respect those guys because I was on their podcast).
    Introducing his service in the 3rd paragraph.
    He asked me for a reply in the 4th paragraph.

Even though this email didn’t get me to purchase from him right away (or even respond), it planted the idea in my mind that he was a fan of what I was doing and that he had something interesting for sale (that people I respect were already doing).

Email #1 was the perfect setup for email number 2.

Let’s take a look at it now.

Email #2: The Example Heavy Closer

cold email template for agency

Email #2 was the clincher for me.

It arrived 2 days after the first email (even though he states in the email that it was “a week or two ago”). I wasn’t even mad that he got the timing wrong (I think that was on purpose). This email arrived at the perfect time. It arrived in time for me to be able to remember the last email and connect that this was the same person mailing me again (I love when people follow up because it signals an “attention to detail”.)

The core secrets behind email #2:

    The subject line got me because it related back to the content of the first email and referred to my podcast (my baby!).
    The author of the email once again made mention of the podcast I appeared on and the strategy that those guys were using to grow their business (which leads perfect into his service).
    This was genius. He links me to examples of his work. The most important part of this is that, while he was showing me the quality of his work, he was showing example of content that he had done for some of the top names in my niche (I’m not even sure that he got paid to do the work for them, but it was smart that he did his examples based on their content). From here, I could now effectively visualize what he was going to be producing for me.
    From there he asked me to reply back.

After email #2, I was hooked. I replied back and started chasing this guy to get a meeting. It was the perfect set of pitches matched with a service that my business needed. This guy had my attention and I had my credit card ready.

From there we signed up for a $1500/month service (the highest package he offered) and I anticipate that we’ll be spending money with him for years to come.

All of this worked for him because of the genius psychological triggers that he used to “check my boxes” as I read through his emails.

The genius psychological triggers that makes these emails so effective.

how to write a great cold email

Simply put, these emails worked because of the effective way they made all of the “sales” that they needed to make in order to make the big sale.

After reading the two emails, I was convinced that:

  • This person knew my business at a deeper level than most.
  • This person has other clients in my industry.
  • Repurposing content for Social Media is something that people that I respect are already doing at a high level (I knew this already but he drove it home even more).
  • This person has an advanced understanding of how to fulfill the service that he’s pitching (his examples were on point).
  • This person pays attention to detail.
  • This person wants to work with us.
  • This person can give us the kind of content that will give us an advantage for a fraction of what it would cost us to do it in house.

This was all done because of 2 emails that barely took me 3 minutes to read in total. Pretty damned impressive.

The monster opportunity for anyone that has a high ticket service.

cold email generator

Simply put, this template can be applied to any service that requires a high level of skill to fulfill.

All you really need to do is find a place where your market is hanging out. This person found me because I was a guest on a high profile podcast. I am betting that other guest on that podcast (Who have their own podcast) got similar emails. The key was the micro personalization that was done.

Even though he didn’t have to do a lot to personalize this template for me, it made me feel like it was written just for me.

You could do the same by targeting:

  • The Itunes Podcast charts.
  • Big Youtubers.
  • Your Local News
    (look at those running commercials during the breaks)
  • Radio Advertisers on your Favorite Local Station.
  • People in a highly niche Facebook Group.

If you follow the format of the above emails and use the psychological triggers that I pointed out below each example, you’ll be blown away by how effective cold email can become for your business.

Have you ever bought something big from a cold email?

selling with cold email

I am a regular purchaser from emails. Most of the time those emails come from folks who I have requested offers from, however.

So that begs the question… Have you ever gotten a “cold email” that made you purchase something online?

Let me know in the comments!
(Also… hit me up with questions if you have any)

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2 comments on Clients through Email (How 2 cold emails convinced me to spend $18k on a service.)

  1. Howard Tiano says:

    Great post, Ben! Along the same lines you were talking about, came upon this service: https://repurposehouse.com – service that repurposes your content for social media
    They’ll do text, audio, graphics and video.

  2. Hi Ben
    You are not a cold email on me for a long time and I have often jumped on ideas you’ve shared, several worked just a treat for me once I tweaked them to my niches
    This one got my attention again.
    You see I am out to catch architects attention – not just any architect, but those who have connection and affinity with permaculture, ecological transition and integrated systems of zero waste.
    In fact I have a golden bunch hot from LI oven, and I just initially want to let them know about a Mastermind we are putting on in France – just for them- and that we are going to have a contest at the end of this Mastermind worth in the region of $50K. This gave me a few extra ideas to use via Li , but I’d love to tickle your brains if you have light bulbs coming up ( which I know is irrepressible with you – and that’s why I like following what you’re coming up with ! – like the book writing from scratch in a few days and more).
    Of course this is a bit of a specialized topic I can talk more about if you want, but I also realize that if someone is up to picking up a challenge, you are in the front row .
    Thanks for the above !
    Liane Montagne

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