Why Videos are Important for Business

Today we’re going to talk about why video is one of the most important tactics for any business. Doesn’t matter if you run a bakery. Doesn’t matter if you run an online physical product business. If you’re selling digital products and software, video is one of the most important things that you can be doing in 2019 and beyond because of the way the Internet shifting. The Internet is shifting towards where people are expecting video from companies because they like to know what’s going on behind the scenes. So lets take a look!

Make 10k per month with micro services

Today we’re going to talk about how to make $10,000 a month, yes really, with something called microservices. So what is a microservice? A microservice is something that is super easy to deliver. Every business out there needs, or almost every business out there needs, and it’s something that you can set up in a couple hours and then software will run it indefinitely.

6 things that every teen needs to know to lead a successful life

Today we’re going to talk about the six things that every kid in high school needs to know, right now, in order to be successful later in life. If you’re anything like me, when you were in high school, you were struggling. You were trying to figure out who you were. You were trying to figure out how you fit into the world and there was all these messages coming from all these different directions, that you were behind, that you were, maybe working too hard. It was a lot of conflicting information and on top of that you had relationships and friends and sports and clubs and all these things that were taking up your time. What’s actually important today?

Are you Building a Platform for your Business in 2019? (do this)

Business can be tough… but it’s a lot tougher if you’re not building a platform to stand on. Selling is easy when everything you do and everything you sell functions to build a larger platform for you business.

In this video, I’ll explain to you exactly how bands like the Foo Fighters do it (and how you can do it in your business too)

How to Use a Print Magazine to Grow Your Business

Do you think Old School Marketing techniques are dead? What do you think about using a Print magazine to grow your digital business? I am here to tell you print is not dead and it can help you grow your digital business… if you do it right. Check out the video to find out how.

How I started From Zero and Got to a Million Dollars

Every Wonder how Dr Ben started this whole Backpack lifestyle?
How he can work from anywhere on the planet as long as he has a computer and Wifi…
It didn’t happen over night, Take a look at his process from going to zero to millions of dollars per year.
Some of it may surprise you…

Why I will Never Work for Anyone Else Ever Again

Are you ready to start your own business? Have every decision be your own and success and failures rest on your shoulders? or are you content working for someone else, letting someone else call the shots and determine what happens? Find out how Dr Ben Adkins made the decision to never work for anyone else, ever again. and you’ll never guess where he got the supplies to start his first real business.

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