S2E5:The Content Trickle Down Plan

Is creating content a constant hassle for you? Does it seem like you can never get ahead? On today’s episode of the Serial Progress Seeker, Dr. Ben Adkins is going to show you how to cut one video and turn that into 20-30 pieces of content to fill your calendar.

S2E4: Creating a Content Plan that Makes You Famous.

Want to know how Dr. Ben Adkins gets so much content out every single week. Check out this episode where he walks you through the 3 Content Categories he uses for his clients and how he gets 52 pieces of content out quicker than anyone else.

S2E3: Figuring out Who the Hell You Are

It’s the question everyone asks themselves. Who the hell am I? And who can I help with my business? If you have asked these questions about yourself, you’re not going to want to miss this episode. Dr. Ben Adkins will walk you through his steps in helping you identify who you really are.

S2E2: The Medium and the Machine

Do you follow people on social media and they seem to be everywhere all the time? You see their images on Facebook and Instagram. You see their videos on Youtube. They just seem to be everywhere all the time. Do you wonder how they get it all done? On this episode of Serial Progress Seeker Dr. Ben Adkins is going to show you the Medium and the Machine that he uses to make it all happen.

S2E1: 1000 True Fans and The 3 Stage Progression of Burrowing Deep into Someone’s Mind

Do you have 1,000 True Fans for your business right now? If not, you will want to make sure you don’t miss this episode of the Serial Progress Seeker Podcast. Dr. Ben Adkins is going to walk you through the 3 stages of burrowing deep into someone’s mind and guiding them into becoming a raving fan for your business.

#014 How I run my Membership Programs with Gamification.

Everything is better when you make it a game. On this episode, Ben walks you through how he turned his membership programs into a game (and how that game helped everyone inside become more successful).

#013 How to get more done with the “Batching Method”.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day, but some people just seem to be able to do so much more with their 24. On this episode, Ben walks you through how he’s able to get 3 months worth of work done in a week using his “Batching Method”.

#012 How I Structure Email Campaigns for Maximum Sales

Do you do email marketing in your business? Despite a lot of changes in the online world, email continues to be one of the most profitable ways to make more money in business today. On this episode, Ben walks you through the very simple (but effective) way that he writes email campaigns. 

#011 The “10% Rule” that every Entrepreneur Must Understand.

Do you ever feel like you’re putting in a ton of work, but you’re just not getting the results that you want? On this episode, Ben tells you about how he deals with the feelings of inadequacy and failure that come with being an entrepreneur.

#010 How to make a fortune with “Platinum Packages”.

What if you could take any product or service that you’re selling right now, make one small change to it, and make 10x as much money in your business every month, just from that small change. In this episode, Ben walks you through the power of adding a “Platinum Package” to your current product offerings.

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