The 9 Essential Elements Of An Amazing YouTube Video

The best time to start creating YouTube videos was 5 years ago. But the window of opportunity is not closed. You can still stake your claim, but you have to start today.

So many people I talk to say “I’ve waited too long. The market is too saturated. It’s too hard to start a YouTube channel in 2019. I’ll wait for the next big opportunity. Maybe I’ll start streaming on Twitch…”

A Deceptively Simple Strategy For Closing Clients Anywhere In The World (With The Success Rate Of Being Face-To-Face)

But no matter how many times I say this, many of my students think “Yeah that makes sense… but I’m going to skip the relationship building step. Because I’m not selling my likability. My service provides so much value that it speaks for itself. If I can just show my clients how it works and how it helps them, they’ll say yes whether they know me or not.”

5 Reasons You MUST Start Making Videos For Your Business in 2019

They will come to trust you and even love you. And they will turn into raving, loyal, paying customers.
But if you don’t take advantage of this… you’ll get left in the dust.
So what is this change I’m talking about?

THE “BE EVERYWHERE” CONTENT FORMULA: How To Dominate Social Media With A Cohesive Strategy, Without Having To Be Your Own Media Company

The internet is about to go through a massive shift. You can take advantage of it to grow your business, build an impactful brand, and put your product in front of raving customers.
But you need to have a system to do it.

How to Create a $500 Training Program in less than a week

I started to realize that even though I struggle horribly with procrastination, if I told someone I was going to have something done on Tuesday, I would absolutely get it done on Tuesday. Even if it was done at the very last minute, I would always meet the deadline. 

Clients through Email (How 2 cold emails convinced me to spend $18k on a service.)

Even though this email didn’t get me to purchase from him right away (or even respond), it planted the idea in my mind that he was a fan of what I was doing and that he had something interesting for sale (that people I respect were already doing).

How to Sleep Better than you have in your entire life (in 43 Nights).

I’ve been looking for ways to improve my sleep for the last 5 years. The last year, however, I started to get really serious about it. In this post, I want to walk you through all the small things that have helped me finally figure it out (and one big thing that finally made all the small things matter).

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