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Building fame in your market starts by building a platform for you to shout from. Build the right kind of platform and it can power your business for years and years. Check out today’s Episode of Serial Progress Seeker.

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So for the last few episodes in season two, we’ve been talking about how to get famous and how creating content, really good content, is a part of that and how to turn that content into something that builds a brand. But how does all that matter into actually bringing customers through the door? That’s what we’re going to be talking about in today’s episode, Building the Alert List. This is how you build a platform that can power your business for years and years and years to come. All right? Let’s dive in. Let’s do it.

Okay, so we’ve been really, really busy over the last few episodes with this fame thing. How do you build yourself fame in your market so that people know who you are, they know your face, they know your voice, and they feel like you’re one of them and that you’re a part of their world? Part of this whole ballgame is just becoming a part of the community and leading the community. That’s really, really big is being a leader in your community.

So we’ve talking about all this stuff, we’ve talking about putting together content that endears people to you, but where does the rubber actually meet the road? And this is where we get into this list. And from the dawn of doing business, having a customer list has been a powerful, powerful way. Because here’s the thing, you got to think, when most people get out there and they start running a business, they rely completely on people to give them a shot, but paid advertising to get people through the door. So you have to put up a billboard. You have to get on the radio. You have to run the Facebook ad, you have to do all these things to get in front of people that have no idea who you are, but isn’t there a way that eventually you don’t have to keep paying to get the same people back?

Now, to get new people, you may have to keep paying on that kind of advertising because what you’re basically is doing is you’re paying a medium that already has the audience to expose you to their audience. But when do they become your audience? And this is where we really start talking about the concept of building a platform. Now, we’ve done a lot of the work so far to build content. Episodes one through five, it’s all about building the content, how we do it, and how we don’t go insane while we’re doing it. And that really brings people closer to us, but we have to give them a next step. We have to give them a way that they can become closer to us. And this is where we get into sort of this alert list.

Over the last few years, and this absolutely changed my life by the way, is I started putting people that were interested in what I was doing, whether it was a free video, whether it was they bought something from me, whether it was $3.00 that they paid to get something from me or a few thousand dollars to get something from me. Every time someone pays me or just says, “Hey, I’m interested in something and I want more,” we try to get their email address and their name.

It’s not an insane concept, it’s just super simple. We’re trying to get an email address and their name. And the reason that I want to do that is it was probably pretty difficult to get this person to even notice us in the first place. I probably had to spend some money on Facebook or on Google, I had to spend some money to get in front of this person. And the reason is is because I didn’t have them, I didn’t have a way to contact them yet.

So what I was trying to do all along the way is every time I put out a piece of content, whether it be a video, audio, whatever it may be, I’m trying to get someone into what I’m talking about and I’m trying to let them know that, “Hey, I’m working my butt off over here for you. Do you dig it?” And if they dig it, I’ve got to give them a way to get closer, to get more.

So one of the main ways that we build this email list, and this email list is just a function of, “Hey, you liked it, we paid to get in front of you the first time, but now I just want to be able to send an email out to you when I’ve got something new that I want you to check out.” So, how do we do that?

Well, every single time that we put this stuff together, what we’re trying to do is to get your interest, get you into what we’re talking about. But then I’m trying to say, “If you’d like more, then I need for you to go over here and check it out. You can get this thing for free or you can buy this thing relatively cheap, probably to get you interested or buying something the first time and just go to this page.”

Now when I first recorded this particular podcast, right now there’s no commercial that’s going to surround this thing that’s going to lead you to an alert list. But what’s so great is it can be a year down the road from when I actually record this podcast and I can just go record a new little commercial that’ll play before and after this podcast that will be telling you about something we’re offering. And odds are, when you first hear this the first time, you’re going to have heard an ad before or after this podcast that takes you to this freebie, this opt in page, this thing that says, “Hey, did you dig this? Well, go check this out.”

And the idea here is this, is now instead of having to go through paid means to expose you to what we’re doing, the next time that I release a podcast, the next time that I release a video that I think is going to be super interesting to you, the next time that I put out a product that I think is going to impact your life, instead of having to pay to put in front of you, now I can send out an email and expose you to it.

And what that is is a platform. You’ve got to think, years ago, let’s say you a New York Times Best Seller, meaning you had a great book. You had a great book and it went out, it was on the New York Times Best Seller list, it was the number one book for eight weeks. If you didn’t have a way to put people into your world, meaning an email list or a snail mail list, you know, you had a list of addresses that you could send out things, if you didn’t have that as an author, you were completely reliant on someone else to go out there. Or you had to go spend money to tell somebody else about your next thing.

So think about this, you had a great book, people loved your book, they associate your name with that book. You put out another book, if you don’t have this platform, this list that you control 100%, then now you are relying on paid marketing again to get in front of people that already like you in the first place. And this is the thing, if people already like you in the first place, the hard part is over, but you still have to spend money to get in front of them? Yeah, it doesn’t make any sense.

So the idea is, what if 1980 you had email marketing in its current form? You had social media in its current form? And instead of having to go spend money, you just post on your page and people that really want to hear from you, it’s up in front of them in your feed. And people that really love your stuff put in their email address and they opt in for something and now you can send out, “Hey, my new book’s coming out,” think of the thousands and thousands of dollars publishers and bands and businesses could save if they were constantly building this thing.

So this is the key, this is the ballgame, what we’re going to do is every time I put something out, you’ve got to keep in mind, every time I put out a piece of content, it is designed to entertain you, it is designed to educate you, it is designed to teach you what I’m doing behind the scenes to grow a business that you can run from anywhere on the planet, but that only works if I also put something in front of you that can bring you closer and inside.

So how does this normally work? Well, there’s a freebie and there’s what we call an opt in page. The freebie is something that is associated with the core content. So something that’s associated with this. So a perfect example is I could put something out that gives you a roadmap of everything that I’ve been teaching all on one page. It’s sort of the overview and that might be something. Or I could give you something that is somewhat related to this building the email list concept or building a platform or getting famous online concept. So I could write that down, I could do an audio, I could have some secret audio that’s not public on the podcast, but if you want to hear that, you’ve got to go put your email address in at this URL. That would be a good one.

And with that freebie, there’s nothing complicated about that, it’s just got to have some value beyond what’s publicly available. Past that we’ve got an opt in page. And all an opt in page is designed to do is number one, let you know that it’s the opt in page I actually sent you to. So there should be a little bit of branding that has something to do with serial progress seeker Ben Adkins, you get the idea, right? And past that, it’s just going to say in headline, “Hey, this is what you’re going to get if you put your email address in and your name.” And from there, two boxes: email address, name, a little submit button.

And past that, that’s the exchange. You know you’re getting value for exchanging that and real open and honestly, what I’m going to be doing with that is when I’ve got a new podcast that comes out that I think you’re going to be interested in because you opted into this thing, or I’ve got something that I think is a great purchase because it will teach you how to do something or it’s a piece of software, I can send you something out and now I don’t have to pay to get in front of you again.

Odds are, if you’re listening to this podcast right now, you were exposed to me because you watched a video, or you heard a piece of an audio, or you’ve brought a product from me in the past. That’s interesting, right? Because if you’ve watched a video from me and that was your first thing, I probably paid to get that video in front of you. If you heard an audio, I probably teased something out on social media and put some money behind that to do that. If you’ve bought a product from me in the past, you’re probably listening to this for time because I sent you an email that said, “Hey, go listen to this, it’s awesome.”

So that’s the key, is the most expensive thing you can do in any business is to go after a new customer because you’ve got to pay advertising, you’ve got to be on someone else’s network to pull people over. But that’s the thing, you’ve got to be focused in pulling people over to your platform so that you don’t have to pay to get in front of them again. And how we do that is with a freebie and an opt in page.

So real simply, if you’re already out there shooting video and you’re putting these things together, you’re following the plan, maybe you’re just doing podcast and audio. Whatever it is that’s sort of your core content, do this, cut an episode, cut a video that is not public. Something that your group that you’re after, whatever content that you’re doing, whatever it is, just for them. If they opt in. But they can’t get to it unless they give you that information. Because odds are, if you’re sitting here listening to this episode of this process that we’ve going into in season two, if you’ve made it through all of these episodes, I’ve probably gotcha. I’ve probably got you on board with what we’re talking about and you’re only listening because this makes sense to you, right? And so if I’ve got something that’s a little bit extra that you can dive into and check out that relates to this, you’re going to be into it.

So think about what extra you can do that fits on top of what you’ve already got. But maybe it’s a little more premium, okay? That’s where you have your freebie done already, you don’t have to write anything down, you don’t have to get complicated. Whatever medium you’re currently communicating in, making your freebie that. And then hide it behind an opt in page that they have to put their email address and their name in, and sometimes their phone number. They have to put those things in to get access to it.

And then here’s the thing, once you have those things, don’t spam people, obviously. Send them stuff that relates, that is powerful for them, that is good, that is going to benefit them in their life. This works really, really well when we’re looking out for the people that have trusted us with their information.

So that’s it. The concept behind this is pretty simple. You pay for advertising once to put your stuff, all the content that we’ve been talking about putting together, you pay to put that in front of people. We’ll be covering how to pay for that soon, but you pay for that. But after that you’ve got to have something that people, once they hear your stuff, they’re going to want more, give them more. But make them opt in for it and then you have a communication path that’s much cheaper and they’re going to respond to you a lot more too. Because I’m going to tell you this, I respond a lot more and I am more interested into who’s in my email inbox or my Facebook inbox than I do the folks that are putting an ad in front of me on Facebook or Instagram, things like that.

So I hope that makes sense. All right, so next episode we’re going to be talking about your core product. And then we’re going to get into, after that, and the episode after that and we’re going to close up with how you blow this whole thing up with Facebook ads. How do you make it really grow by putting ads behind it so that you can get in front of people that have never heard your stuff before, never seen your face before and you can start to bring them in.

So we’re going to closing this out with the next episode talking about having a core product, having a flagship product that is the thing where you can actually start turning all this content that you’ve been putting out, all this good will, you’ve got this alert list that you’re building, well how do you end up parlaying that into actual money in your bank account? All right, so we’ll get into that next time.

I hope you’re enjoying this, if you are, do me a favor, click that subscribe button if you’re listening to us on iTunes, some network like that. Make sure that you click that. That’s going to alert you every time we’ve got something that’s new that comes out, so you can be the first to listen to it and then go act on it.

I hope you dig it, I hope that you’re with me on this. Feel free to leave me a review on whatever network you happen to be listening to us to. And if you dig this, tell your friends about it. This is something that we are doing because we believe we are living in a very interesting time. Some really big things are happening and if you’ve got someone that is in business that you care about, put this in front of them because this is something that can absolutely change their life. It’s changed mine, it’s changed tons of entrepreneurs that we train, and I hope it’s changing your life too and your acting on this.

All right, that’s it. I’ll see you next time. We got a lot more coming. Be good, I’ll talk to you soon.

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