9 Elements to an Amazing YouTube Video


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These are the nine things that if you do these well, you’re going to see your videos travel a lot farther, because of the way it plays into people’s psychology, but also the way that everything plays into the algorithm.

1. Short Intro of Video Topic. 2. Intro Self and what you Usually Talk About. 3. Ask to Subscribe. 4. Reintro of Video Topic. 5. Content Main Points with Examples of Each. 6. Review Main Points. 7. Call to Action. 8. Ask to Subscribe 9. Sign Off.

Episode Transcription:

Today we’re gonna be talking about the nine essential elements that every amazing YouTube video has. So let’s dive in, let’s do it.

What’s going on, Dr. Ben Adkins and welcome back to the channel. As always, if you are looking to build a business that you can run from anywhere, from a backpack, you are in the right place. For all our cool stuff, and to make sure that you are in the loop every time we release a new video, make sure you click the subscribe button below this video, and click the notification bell so you get notified every time we have a new video come out.

All right, today we’re gonna be talking about the nine elements that you need to have in your videos if you want them to do well on YouTube. These are the nine things that if you do these well, you’re going to see your videos travel a lot farther, because of the way it plays into people’s psychology, but also the way that everything plays into the algorithm.

So, what are these nine elements? It’s pretty simple, it’s broken down very easily, and if you go back and watch videos that I’ve done, at least the good ones, you’re gonna see these nine elements in place. All right, so let’s dive into the nine elements.

All right, so element number one is, if you were to rewind back to the very beginning of this video, you saw me without too much fluff, jump into the exact topic that we’re gonna be going into, which was the nine elements of a good video, right. So, without any distractions we got right to the point, and then we shot into our nice little bumper.

Now, I’m not including the bumper in any of this, but of course you can throw that in there too. So number one is having a really short, concise, title driven intro. Okay so after that, you notice that I introduced myself, and then I went into what this channel is normally about, so what we usually talk about.

After that we went into number three, which is where I ask you to subscribe or to hit the notification bell, or both, so that you got updates. Now that’s just sort of getting the housekeeping out of the way so that we can get you to subscribe, and you can get all the good stuff that we have coming forward.

So those are the first three things, you wanna make sure that you lock those in. Now after you lock in those first three things, you wanna go into, hey, this is what we’re gonna be covering. So if you rewind back to this video, as I said earlier, a little bit earlier in this video, you’re going to see that I reintroduced what the topic was, basically the same thing I did at the very beginning of the video, but I did it again so that you got back into where we were at after we did the part where we ask you to subscribe.

So that’s four things so far. Now, after that, that’s when we get to number five. Number five is where we dive into the actual content of the video, which is sort of where we’re at right now, if you think about it. What are the elements, what are the things that I promised I was gonna tell you, and then what benefits do they have to you. So, number five, you get into the actual content of the video, and that’s the key. You’ve gotta have content getting the main bullet points, but also giving examples of each of those along the way. So that’s how you do the content right.

So finally, once you get through the content portion, that’s when you’re gonna go back, and you’re gonna review the main points. So number six is we’re gonna review the main points of our content just to give a nice summary of everything that we did.

After that, number seven is we have a call to action. So we have a call to action where we’re gonna say, now go put this into action, or go, you know, opt-in below, or we’ve got links below that you can go check out, give them something to do when they’re watching your video that gets them farther down, gives them more experience, gets you what you want, gets them what they want, okay. So that’s number seven.

Number eight is from that point forward, we’re going to jump in, and you’re gonna ask them to subscribe again. On YouTube the big thing that we’re going for is we wanna get in front of people easier the next time. So maybe the first time you ended up in front of somebody because you ended up in the search results, or you were a suggested video, or maybe it was linked to you on Facebook. And so it was hard to get in front of you the first time, but if you subscribe and click the bell notification, it’s much easier after that, because you’re gonna be notified every time a video comes out. So if you’ll notice, we’ve got two places in this video where we do that, once at the very beginning, and once also at the end.

And, finally, number nine is when we sign off, and we say thanks for watching, I’ll talk to you the next time. So, the nine elements that we just went through. Number one, short intro of your video topic. Basically what is in your title that you’re gonna have, you know, listed below the video, your actual title, but that you actually say it the first few words that come out of your mouth.

After that, so of course we’ll have a nice little bumper we’re not including that, but number two is you’re gonna introduce yourself, and what you usually talk about on your videos, because we want people to come back for more. Number three is ask to subscribe, number four, re-intro of your video topic.

Number five, your actual content and your examples. Number six is your main points, you’re gonna review them kinda like what I’m doing right now. Number seven is the call to action, number eight is asking you to subscribe if that wasn’t your call to action in the first place, and number nine is you sign off. So that’s what you got. If you go back, and you take those nine elements … of course and I will list those below, so you’ve got those … if you take those nine elements, you’re gonna have videos that are easy to watch, gets you subscribers, gets your main point across, get people to take the action that you want them to take, plus you’re gonna have laid out your content in a very easy to digest fashion.

So I hope that helps, remember if you want more tips like this, how to build a business, a million dollar or a multimillion dollar business from a backpack, then all you have to do is click subscribe below, click the bell notification, we’ll notify you every time we have a new video that comes up on this topic. All right, I hope you enjoyed it, from this point I just hope that I get to see a ton of your comments below. Let me know what your business is, let me know what you’re doing to grow it, I want to hear from you.

So, click below to subscribe, make sure you leave me a comment on this video, because I wanna know what you’re up to right now, and of course, I got more good stuff coming your way soon. I’ll see you next time.

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