#41 Rituals, Free throws, and 5AM Alarms.

In this episode, Ben talks about his trip to Webinarcon in Washington DC, the role that rituals have played in his businesses, and how shooting free-throws every day may unlock his next million dollars in business from home.

In this episode, Ben talks about his trip to Webinarcon in Washington DC, the role that rituals have played in his businesses, and how shooting free-throws every day may unlock his next million dollars in business from home.

Episode Transcription:

All right. So it’s a Monday night, as I said, I just got back from a trip to Washington DC. I was at an event called webinar con it’s a new event, uh, puts together, uh, by some really, really smart people and, uh, really successful people. And, and I’m sitting in a room that’s a full of probably 80 millionaires. Um, people doing, you know, seven, eight figures and it’s fun. And I don’t say that, um, you know, to put you in a weird place, if you weren’t there. I say that to say that I, you know, when you’re surrounded by a group of people, um, that are doing big things, it’s really, really interesting because, uh, it sort of puts you in a space to sort of reevaluate what reeval what you’re doing. And I think that’s always healthy to take a look. And so if you’re listening right now, it’s probably a Tuesday morning or after if you’re listening right away, uh, this is going to come out probably really early Tuesday morning.

So we’re recording on a Monday and, um, yeah, that’s what we’ve got. So as I’m sitting there in this room this week, and, uh, I flew out by myself, flew to Washington and it was fun it’s I sort of came down, uh, there was lots of folks on that plane wearing mask. Uh, and if you’re listening to this way later, hopefully the world has not ended, uh, at the hands of the coronavirus. And, uh, but most of the people on the plane were pretty chill. Uh, there was some definite extra washing of hands with folks and a lot of, uh, hand sanitizer, but overall, um, it was business as usual for folks flying, uh, either home or on a trip. And so got into Washington, got into, um, got into sort of the area that I was staying in, which was probably 30 minutes outside.

And I got to my hotel and, uh, passed out I was dead tired. It was an early flight. And then, uh, kind of went out for the evening, had, uh, had a good meal and got ready for the next day. And I say that to say this, that, uh, my habits were completely off what they normally are. And anytime that happens, uh, I typically get into sort of a bad space as I’m sure you do too. And it’s funny, the older you get the harder it is to sort of put yourself in those environments. And it’s interesting. It’s interesting the next day, uh, I show up to this event and the event started around 9:00 AM and I sit down and the room’s pretty full and it’s about 80 different people. And we’ve got some speakers that are coming up on stage. And, you know, I start to hear these speakers talk and people that are extremely successful and ones that are a lot more successful than me.

Not that I I’ve, you know, some schlub I’ve done pretty well for myself, uh, sitting in this little room that I’m talking to you from you now. And by the way, I’m sitting at my office at home and I’m sitting here listening to these folks and it becomes extremely apparent really, really fast, why these people are more successful than me, and it has nothing to do with where they were born or who they were born to. Uh, it’s really interesting. And, and these are, this is actually a very humble botch. This wasn’t a bunch of folks that were up talking about how much money they make. Um, but you kind of, if you’re like me, you sort of spiral these people a little bit online and, and you get a sense of what they’re doing. And the thing that’s really interesting about all the people that I listened to.

Um, the only reason that they’re maybe doing a little better than me, the ones that were, and this was a pretty mixed crowd. Like I said, I was probably sort of in the middle of, in terms of, you know, success, if you’re putting dollars on a scoreboard every year, but sort of the thing that I noticed about the folks that were a lot more successful than me, um, was that they were just a little more organized than me. They had better rituals throughout the day. And I, I’m going to be real honest, the reason that I’m more successful than some of the folks that, um, maybe aren’t as successful as me yet in terms of monetary, I’m going to talking about other stuff. You know, there’s plenty of ways to measure success, but in terms of monetary stuff is I’m a little more organized than they are.

And I have better rituals than they do when it comes to business. And so I don’t know, I’m sitting there and it’s really, really interesting that we start to get into this mode of, um, success being, uh, you know, a constant that’s easily relatable to your rituals. And that was very interesting by the way. Um, in speaking of rituals, one of the rituals that I’m going to be having for you this season is we were going to do a subscriber update and a update on, uh, something that we call digital agencies insiders and the Dai. And, uh, I’m going to have a new update coming for you. Um, very, very soon. Uh, we did an opening show. It was very popular. People really love hearing about them, the membership and the subscription program that we were building and more updates come with that. And how do I promise you more updates?

Well, I’m pretty easy actually, because of what I’m going to be telling you about on this show. Uh, so anyways rituals, and I really kind of wanted to take this episode and talk about some of my rituals that are really, really important to my business. And hopefully you can take that and make yourself more successful. Um, but as I said, I think the interesting thing is, and, and we’re leaving the big focus for me coming out of this event. Of course, I went to learn more about webinars. I’ve been really successful with webinars. I went to webinar con in Washington to learn more about webinars. But the thing that really got me was like I said, the folks that are more successful and are doing better than me, just have better rituals with how they work and a lot of how they work comes back to better rituals, some of them, at least with how they live to sort of their daily life.

So I want to talk about some of my rituals and then we’ll sort of get into some of the things that I think are important with all that and feel free to steal these. And like I said, forming these habits and these rituals isn’t easy, but I want to tell you the ones that are like super important to me and I’m going to start with the business. The first one is something that I think is just a ridiculous secret weapon of my, and over the last, you know, probably eight to 10 years that I’ve been doing this at home stuff. And I mixed it in a little bit with, you know, being a chiropractor at the same time before I got into this. But one of the key things that I seem to do better than most people and have turned into a ritual is what we call client outreach.

And what I mean by that is that, uh, this client outreach stuff that I do, I am consistent with it every single week, every single week, I am doing client outreach. Now some of that is client outreach in the terms of someone that is just an ideal client. For me, that’s not on a list somewhere. They’re not a customer of mine already. We’re doing that every week. And within my agency, like, you know, I have an actual agency that reaches out to chiropractors. Um, that’s not my all the time business, but that’s a business that we run. I’ve got people that run it. One of the core things that we do to grow that business is we’re reaching out to a set number of chiropractors that are not our customers every week, every single week. That that is a habit in my online business, this digital things, big digital company that I’ve built, you know, that that is millions of dollars a year.

How we built that. It’s so simple. We sell products. And when we sell products, people, we get their contact information. And then every single day almost I’m sending them an email and I’ve done that almost every single day for the last five to eight years. And that’s a habit that I’ve formed. And I F I feel like, you know, maybe you’re on one of my lists and you probably are. And you’re like, well, yeah, I get a lot of emails from you. I can, but the thing is, is I really want to have a relationship with people. I really want them to know what I’m going through, what I’ve got coming out, what I’m working on. And so I email people a lot, and that is my outlet to the world. And I’ve done that almost every day for the last five to 10 years.

And if there’s anybody out there, that’s wondering what is the core as to how you make money? Well, I create things to sell obviously, but that a lot of people create things to sell, or they have products or services. The thing that’s really big for me in this ritual that I formed a long time ago is every single week, almost every single single day of the week. I’ve got an email that’s hitting the inbox of my passcode and that’s big. And every year single week, I’ve got things that are out there that are getting new potential customers in a position to where I can contact them. And so, you know, maybe if you’re a little more savvy to the internet stuff, I’ve got often pages, and I’m going to ads that are working on that. I’ve got videos that are out there right now, working to get people on a list.

I’ve got a book or three that I’ve written that are out there with people, either buying or, you know, opting into actually check those things out. And so that’s something that you got to realize, the consistency, the ritual that I formed that is sort of the core of my business is that, and every time I sell a new product to someone, that’s not about a product for me before they go on that list. And so that’s a ritual, that’s been very, very important. And that’s original that, you know, with that particular, a ritual and a couple other things you can do really, really well. The other ritual that kind of goes with that is at least once a month, um, usually multiple times a month, I am doing webinars, meaning I’m on a call with hundreds of people that are on those email lists. And I’m talking whether we’re talking training folks on something, or would it training folks on something and making them an offer at the end, we do a lot of webinars and client outreach is extremely important for my business.

Most of my day is spent by myself in a room, talking to my staff who is hundreds of miles away, also sitting by themselves in a room. And so the really core thing for us is customer outreach. Client outreach has been very, very big. Okay. Now you start to look at those things and you start to look at that’s a ritual that has done well for us. What’s something else in my life that I want to improve. And I remember last year and I’m not been every day. I’ve not been every week there’s times that I’ve taken weeks off, but one of the things that has been absolutely huge for me and my mental wellbeing, as well as how I feel is every single day, I try to get up at 5:00 AM in the morning and go work out. Now, sometimes I go work out and I come back and go to sleep.

Hey, I’m just being completely upfront. I don’t get up that early in the morning just because, you know, I think that, Hey, that’s when my day should start. I get up that early in the morning, because if I go to the gym, then there’s nobody else hardly at the gym. And it’s easy for me to get a workout in 20 or 30 minutes so I can come home and relax. Um, the other part of that and something that was really interesting, I decided I was just going to do this. I had not been working out. I felt terrible. Um, I just felt, and about a year, year and a half ago, I started doing this. I started the gym at 5:00 AM in the morning, and it’s really weird. Something interesting happened. I did it just to get in shape and just to feel better, not to lose weight by the way, cause I’ve actually put on weight because I’ve put on so much muscle.

But when I got to the gym and I started

You doing this at 5:00 AM every day, I started to notice something crazy happened in my life. This was just a routine that I was doing. So I would feel a little better, feel, a little more accomplished. I’m one of those people that believes your morning rituals are big because your morning rituals sort of dictate the rest of your day. And so that was what it was for. It was to, you know, feel a little better, getting a little better shape, but something interesting happened when I started actually going to the gym at 5:00 AM most mornings, uh, through the week I started sleeping better. And you may not know this, but almost my entire life. I have been pretty much an insomniac. I’ve been someone that it’s extremely hard for me to go to sleep at night until then, but for the last year of my life, after 35, 36 years of having trouble sleeping, um, I have a pretty normal sleep schedule now.

And so that ritual was extremely important. And like, I just got back from a trip and I’m off of that because I did not do a lot of that while I was there. And that was just poor planning on my part. I am human and I do plan poorly sometimes. Um, I’m sure you can relate some, some of you listening, uh, we’ve all been there, right. But now I’ve got to get back into that habits today. Uh, I did not get back into it my first day back cause I was still worn out. Um, but I’m gonna get back in tomorrow and that’s, that’s sort of the thing. So getting up in the morning and go and do that’s a big deal. Now, the other thing is when I started going to the gym, something that I thought was interesting, I I’m really into basketball.

I’m a big, big basketball fan. I am a huge, uh, Grizzlies and Lakers fan. Uh, for those of you that want to lob insults, um, or talk basketball with me, there you go. So one of the things that I also thought was really interesting is I get really upset with, uh, teams that can’t make free throws. If you’re a professional, I think that’s something that you should absolutely be able to do no matter what position you play. That’s just a practice thing. There’s nobody guarding you. You’re not moving. It is something that you should be a high percentage free throw shooter, no matter what. And so one of the interesting things is I started thinking, you know what, that’s one of those things that if I put into my own life, uh, number one, I’ll be a better free throw shooter. And that’s, I don’t know, that’s just sort of a badge of honor thing for me.

There’s things that if I form that ritual, it will cause me to form other rituals in my life. And what I mean by that is it’s funny when you start forming rituals, like getting up and going to the gym at 5:00 AM, um, you start to want to form other healthy rituals, things that can help you grow and be better. And so this free throw thing, I started doing it a little bit ago. I’m going to continue tomorrow. And uh, every time I go to the gym and try to shoot a hundred free throws, so we’ll go do the weights, we’ll go do all the other stuff that we want to do while we’re there. But then I also try to make sure that I’m shooting a hundred free throws. And the reason is, is I want to see a percentage out of a what’s the percentage that I make.

And I want to see that go up over time. Uh, but more importantly, doing something like that every morning, first thing, it’s one of those things that I will be able to see progress, but also it will cause me to form other rituals that are probably more healthy than being able to shoot free throws. And so it’s a really, really interesting thing to go into the gym for shooting free. There’s I’m gonna tell you some days when I go, it’s not great. It’s not my best workout. It’s not, it’s not my favorite. Some days I shoot a lower percentage than the day before, and it bothers me. Um, but the key here is with these free throws with going to the gym, it’s just that I went, it’s just that I got it in and I did it. And it’s one of those things that, you know, you’ve seen the study with people that make their beds.

First thing in the morning, they tend to have a better day on the days that they do that. It’s because rituals cause your brain to do very interesting things that are healthy. Okay. So all that said, you know, I do those things because when I do those things, it gets me paying attention to other things in my life that I should form rituals around. And in my business, the more systems I have, the more rituals I have, the more rituals my staff has, the more systems my staff has. Um, and then I don’t like calling them staff. I mean for you, I will say that word, but they’re my team. I don’t know what I would do without this crew. But like as a team, we really, really try to put together systems. And that is like the core thing that we try to do is there’s work.

And there’s what we have to do to put out our products. But we, every month, every week, every day, we are trying to make that easier so that we can focus on higher thinking work because most of the things that you do throughout the day can be systemized. And so that’s a big one. Um, speaking of things that, uh, I have decided after coming back from this thing that I was at in Washington, this conference webinar con um, I started noticing that one of the core things that a lot of people were doing better than me that are doing more consistently, you know, that are doing more consistent, higher income than may am, seem to have their selves more organized is they have more outreach than me. And what I mean by that is a lot of what I do is you have to take an action to sort of be a part of my club, right?

To hear from me on the email list, uh, to, to get a product. And I’ve been not nearly as good on the reaching out and doing things so that people can fall in love with what we do, hopefully get some help from us, um, and do something, you know, some take something like from this podcast and go use it in their lives. We’ve not been as good about that. And so one of the big things that I am really focused on this year and have been terrible at so far, so hold me to, this is I want to do more things that are outreach. And so, you know, we’re going to be working on our YouTube channel. Um, but I’m kind of terrible at that most times. And it’s very uncomfortable for me to do a lot of video production on a weekly basis. Um, so what we’re gonna be doing to fix the video part is we’re going to fix what I think is the low hanging fruit for me, which is this as podcasting, I’ve been particularly terrible at podcasting so far because I wanted to turn it into something that, uh, was a lot more difficult than what it needs to be really podcasting for me is sitting down and talking about this kind of stuff, right?

Just, it’s simple. It’s having a real conversation about what thoughts are flowing through my head right now and what I think is important. And so the, the ritual that I’m going to be really busting my butt to knock out and get as a daily part of my life is podcasting. Now what I’m going to be doing is I’ve got several podcasts that I do. We’ve got this podcast and I’m going to try and get this podcast worth coming out, um, two to three times a week, you know, and if that’s too much for you, sorry, uh, you’re going to be getting more podcasts. And I want them to be like current stuff that sticks around that you can listen to anytime, but I want, I want there to always be something that you can hear and be like, Oh, I know when he shot this, like coronavirus talking about that. Right. Um, but we we’ve got that. Not to make light of that, by the way, that’s just a terrible thing that’s going on right now. But if you’re listening to this, you know, three years down the road and

We have it all, you know, the world

Has not ended, uh, which I don’t think it’s going to, um, then you can sort of date this, right. But at the same time, a lot of good things here that’s, uh, I think can be good. So we’re gonna be podcasting on a daily basis. And so through the week, I’m going to be doing a podcast at least once a day, and I’m going to be doing this show. I’m going to be helping out with digital agency insiders, which is another podcast that we do that is, um, sort of the way that we get to, you know, talk about agency stuff, because we think that’s important that I’m going to be doing that with Tabitha who runs that podcast and that mastermind that we do. And of course, I’m going to be updating you on, uh, the membership and subscription numbers with that too, as we go on this podcast, but I’m also gonna be doing one called the Ben Atkins show. And I’ve been acting show is me getting to nerd out and talk about current events type stuff. Um, less marketing focused or current events marketing. We’ll sneak in there because that’s who I am, but we’re going to be doing that. So how all that gets done is sort of this daily habits, I want to shoot, um, and record at least one podcast today. And somebody be pushing myself

To do that. So all that  Said, what do you take from this episode? What do you take from what we’ve talked about? It’s really starts with one thing. If you’re sort of in a place right now where you don’t like where you’re at, especially if you have a place where you really don’t like where you’re at,

I encourage you form one ritual, focus on it, really Dig into it, mind the thing that really broke everything loose for me. Um, when I first started, it was just, Hey, start creating products about the things that are in your head that you know, that you feel like you’re an expert in. And of course there was some imposter syndrome with that. And that’s why I hadn’t done it, but I went ahead and just did it. And that started building my business because people were buying the stuff and I was building the list. And then I started saying, Hey, the next thing that you got to do on top of that is you have to start emailing these people all the time. And that built my business to multi-millions of dollars per year. And then, you know, the thing that really sort of changed my life this last year was I said, you know, and this is, this was a big break, loose moment for me too, with the ritual was the gym at 5:00 AM, five, 6:00 AM, somewhere in there.

And that was the big one for me too. So all those things combined were big. The next one for me, and something that I want to do is really tackle this podcasting thing, really make it a part of my life. Cause I love doing this, but sometimes I get distracted and say, well, there’s more important work to do, or there’s more important things to do. And yeah, there are more important things to do. Some time going to my kid’s baseball game was far more important than cutting a podcast. Getting the latest product out that people have been asking us for is far more important than a podcast sometimes because that’s what pays the bills. That’s what gets people through the door. But I feel like there’s something to this because I love it so much that I got to make the time. So if I got to stay up an extra hour during the day, if I have to get up an extra hour early, if I got to go to the gym at 5:00 AM and not come back and go to bed for a little while that’s worth doing, and we’re going to do that.

So expect a lot more in the next little bit. And if you don’t get it from me, call me out on it, but we’ve got lots of cool shows that are coming your way. This one is going to be sort of the foundation. If you’re a listener of this right now, thank you. I appreciate it. I’m going to be delivering all the things that we have said we’re going to deliver with this. It’s going to continue to be great. And the more we do it, the better it’s actually going to get. So that’s kind of next to all that said, I appreciate your listening. Um, do me a favor if you enjoyed this episode and you want to hear more jump over to iTunes or wherever you’re listening to podcast to leave me a review, that’s a big, big deal for me. It really, really is.

I appreciate every review that we get. Um, let me know what you think. I want to hear it. Also make sure you subscribe. I’ve got a lot more coming, obviously with this new, um, recording schedule that I want to do, because I really enjoy talking to you and doing stuff like this. We’re going to have a lot more podcasts coming out and some of them will be short. Some of them will be a little bit longer. I just want to have a topic. And I’ve got lots of topics here that I want to talk about with you. Uh, I want to have a topic and just talk about it as long as I want. And hopefully you’ll find that somewhat entertaining. So I want to hear back from you, let me know what you’ve got and, um, yeah, that that’s a big, big deal to me.

Okay. So that said, I hope that you enjoyed the first episode back. We’re gonna be doing a lot more of this soon. It’s important to me, and this is a habit and ritual that we’re going to be building in the next little bit. And I can’t wait to see kind of where this goes. So all that said probably in the next little bit, uh, you’re going to have a Dai subscriber update. So for those of you that are waiting around for more updates on the membership it’s been growing and I’m excited to tell you about it all the cool ways that we’re doing, that, the things that we’ve got coming, uh, what we’re going to be doing here pretty soon in that subscription program. Uh, it’s going to be interesting. I don’t know if it’s going to work, but I think it’s cool to talk about. And I think you’re going to have some good insight on it too. So all that said all that’s coming, I have some really cool topics that I want to talk to you about in the next little bit. And um, yeah, let’s, let’s have some fun with that. So thanks for listening. Uh, I’ve got lots of new things coming, so make sure that you’re subscribed and make sure that you’re getting updates for when we publish a new episode. That’s it? That’s it? Yeah, I think we’re good. All right, I’ll see you next time.

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