#013 How to get more done with the “Batching Method”.

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We all have the same 24 hours in a day, but some people just seem to be able to do so much more with their 24. On this episode, Ben walks you through how he’s able to get 3 months worth of work done in a week using his “Batching Method”.

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Okay, so how is it that some people are able to get more done and not go insane while doing their work than others? You probably have someone in your life right now that seems to get a lot done and they seem to be getting the benefits from getting a lot done when you know you’re working just as hard or harder than they are and you’re not getting anywhere near what they’re getting done.

Now, here’s the pure, plain, and simple of it. Getting things done, getting content out there, being a producer instead of just a consumer, usually equates to income. It just happens. The companies and the businesses that are prolific and put out content, even if they only have one product to sell, the ones that can really get themselves out there a lot and be active and put good stuff in your face, are the ones that succeed and they succeed in a very big way. The thing is, is how do those people do that?

Well, for a long time I think a lot of us have worn this badge of honor called multi-tasking, meaning I am multi-tasker. I’ve heard so many people interviewing for jobs saying that they can multi-task and the whole thing is, is I think multi-tasking is something that many of us have to do because it’s just the way the world’s built or the world was built. I think it’s moving away from that somewhat but I think that multi-tasking is something that actually slows us down.

I am a firm believer and I’ve said it before on this podcast that multi-tasking is something that is going to make sure, it’s going to ensure that every one of those tasks, that you’re doing it once, every one of those tasks gets about 50% of your attention instead of 100, tops. It’s probably a lot less than. The key is, is the most successful people I know, the greatest producers, the ones that are putting out the best content, the highest level content, the stuff that people pay thousands of dollars for, the ones that are doing that have a secret and that secret is something called batching.

That’s what I want to tell you about today is how I’m able to get a lot done by batching my task. Now the example that I’m going to use is this podcast. I’m going to teach you how I do this podcast but I just want you to know that when I’m cutting videos for my YouTube channel, when I’m creating products, when I’m doing just about anything, I’m using batching to actually do it because it’s more efficient than multi-tasking.

This is a huge secret of mine so let me just walk you through the process of how I started doing this podcast. Then, I’m going to walk you through how I started batching to do this podcast in a much more efficient way. Okay, so when I first started and this is something you can apply to just about anything that you do. When I first started this podcast I would sit down, I would record the audio just like I’m doing right now. I would record the main core audio and then as soon as I was done with that I would put the intro and the outro all in one file with it and then I would also record the intro. I always record my intro after I’ve recorded this part but I would do all of that at once.

Then I’d mix it down, I’d upload it to my podcast provider, schedule it, and we’d go from there. Now what you may realize is that’s doing a lot of different tasks that require different parts of my brain at once or at least in a row. I can never really stay in one mode, I’ve got to change modes based on whether I’m uploading it, whether I’m mixing it, whether I’m recording it, it’s all different modes.

When I was doing podcasts that way, I’ll be honest, I was getting some podcasts out. They were good and the quality was pretty good but it was taking me forever to put out podcasts that had high quality. What’s interesting is how I switched to batching my podcasts, how I got more podcasts done faster but the quality actually went up. You’d think if I was getting more done quicker the quality would go down but it doesn’t. Now, this is what’s so interesting.

It’s when you’re doing one task and you’re in a mode you get to where your brain starts firing faster or at least it starts working more efficiently, I’m not going to say firing faster but it gets working more efficiently to get the task done. Now let me explain what that means. Now when I do the podcast I’m recording about 10 episodes per stretch. I’ll sit down for about two hours and I’ll record 10 episodes per stretch.

Now what happens is, is I notice this, my episode one is good but it’s not as good as my fifth episode or my tenth episode as I’m walking through the process. That’s because now instead of mixing the podcast down, putting in the intro and the outro, I record back-to-back audio, the core piece that you’re listening to, the core middle piece which is the actual content, I just do that.

I’m sitting in front of a microphone, I’ve got a list of tasks that are in front of me, what the shows are going to be about, and I go one right after the other. Now I don’t go mix everything together during this stage anymore because that’s switching how my brain works. I don’t upload them and schedule them on my podcast provider anymore because that’s changing the way my brain works. Right now what I want is, I want to be focused on delivering content, talking to you, being engaged in the process. Trust me, when I get really warmed up in this and I’m into my about second or third episode is when I first start really warming up, by the time I get to my fifth to tenth episode that’s where the stuff really starts leaking out in a big way.

What I started to figure out is it’s not about focusing on one topic with what you’re doing or focusing on one thing, it’s about doing the same task over and over again. Batching, another good example is this. When I’m writing blog posts I will never go back and edit the blog post as I’m writing, and this is something you’ve got to do.

When you’re writing a blog post I don’t even start writing without the research. I will sit down and do all of my research. That takes me a day. I’ll do all my research for a blog post or two blog posts, that will take me the entire day. I don’t do anything but research, I don’t write, I’ll do research, I’ll do bullet points of what the topics are going to be and the sections of the post are going to be. Then the next day I’ll actually sit down and write.

Now I’ve done all the research, I’ve done all my bullet points, all I’ve got to do is actually sit down and write. I will not edit because editing is a different side of your brain. It’s a different part working so I won’t do any editing. I’ll write, it’s done. I’ll come back the next day, that’s when I’ll take, go back through and do the editing unless I’m having someone else do the editing.

Doing it that way keeps my brain focused in a mode so that it can continually get more efficient as it’s running through the cycles that it needs to. I don’t want this to go on long, I think you get the process of what I’m doing. What I want you to start thinking about it, in your business how can you start batching tasks so that you’re keeping in one mode? When you stay in one mode you start functioning in a much higher level and that’s really what it’s all about.

You can be much more prolific, you can be much better at your job if you can batch tasks in a way where you’re not having to switch from one task to the next. That’s an important part of this whole thing. Yes, batching is important and let me tell you. I am able to get at least three months worth of work done in one week just because of the way I batch things. A perfect example is this podcast.

Somewhere in this stretch I have cut 10 episodes. This sit down stretch, you won’t be able to tell it when you’re listening later but somewhere in this stretch I have cut 10 episodes and I’ve gotten 10 episodes done in one sitting just because I batched it. Now I’m not going to edit it until later, I’m not going to add any of the stuff, I’m not going to upload it until later but I got all of these done. Trust me, this is the hard part of the whole thing.

If you get these done, you get this out of the way, it’s good. All right, so I hope that makes sense to you. I hope that this is something that has helped you think about how to be more efficient with your work, how to get more things out there, how to make more money in your business. If this is an episode that helps you do me a favor, click the subscribe button. That’s going to alert you every time I have a new episode coming out and, yes, I have a lot of really good stuff coming your way. If you thought this was good just wait.

Also, if there’s something specific about this episode or an episode that we’ve cut in the past, do me a favor and let me know by leaving a review. That helps me make this podcast better and do more of the kinds of content that you want to hear about. That helps me a ton, I appreciate that. Past that, if you want show notes, behind the scenes stuff that couldn’t include on the podcast because just maybe it doesn’t fit the format of what we’re doing, do me a favor. Jump over to serialprogressseeker.com.

I think you’re absolutely going to fall in love with that site just because of the way we’ve got everything laid out and how you can take everything from the podcast and really put it to work for you. Okay, so I hope you enjoyed this one. I’m going to make sure that we’ve got lots good stuff coming your way on the Serial Progress Seeker Podcast. Tune in next time, thanks for listening.

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